The only naturally habitable planet in the Natsumi System. It was originally colonized by Kishargal settlers who left or reasons unknown but in their time on Asagao it was believed that some The Second Children co-habitated with them. The Tatya hini revered the Kishargal as the living incarnations of their Gods and in their absence, they still honor them with their Seers and Priestesses donning ceremonial horned headdresses and marking themselves with fluorescent tattoos. When the Empire of Tai Pan colonized the system, they found it inhabited with more tribal and primitive Elves than on Liang (Tai Pan).

With some creative diplomacy, a Imperial Dragon form1) was able to broker peace with the elves and establish a stable workforce with a minimal Taianese presence.

A pagan seer of Asagao
A tatya hinya seer
Art by: Juliana Wilhelm

The heavy fog of the surface and other natural phenomena make this planet difficult to navigate with high technological instruments that more modern societies like Empire of Tai Pan and The Interstellar Alliance favor. It is unknown if the elves of Asagao use magic like their Jordian cousins.

It was assumed to be General Chiharu Natsumi.
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