Atraxis IV (Atraxis)

The fourth planet in the Atraxis system.

Home to the species Atraxians

Atraxis IV Known History

For as long as there has been space travel in this known sector Atraxis has been a dumping ground for damaged tech, ships, and space junk. After many known wars and battles in space, space debris was becoming a problem to standard trade routes and orbital stations around populated planets. When Atraxis was discovered, it was determined to be the perfect place to dump the collected debris to make routs and highly populated planets safer and less cluttered. Atraxis IV has been owned by a number of companies over the long history of the planet who would contract salvage ships to collect and bring the debris and bring it back to the planet to be dumped. Most companies maintain the planet and salvage contracts until the companies make enough money to move on to higher ventures selling the planet and contracts to a new company.

The star of the Atraxis System is a White Giant star. Below are statistics for the star.


  • Name: Atraxis
  • Type: A7 III White Giant
  • Mass: 2.8169 × 10e30 kg
  • Semi-Major axis: 1.017 AU
  • Orbital period: 2.35 × 10e7 years
  • Rotation: 49 hours

Atraxis IV

Planetary Data for Atraxis IV

  • Type: Desert Planet
  • Orbital Radius: 4.66 x 10e8 km (3.11 AU)
  • Period: 4.75 x 10e4 hours (5.43 earth years)
  • Gravity: 1.5 g
  • Planetary Population: 200,000 (80% human 20% variety of other races)
  • Natural Satellites: 3 moons
  • Facilities: 5 (1 Diej Prime colony, 4 managing/scouting facilities)
  • Surface Area: 2.22×10^8 square kilometers
  • Rotation Duration: 21 hours
  • Land/Water Ratio: 99% Land / 1% Water ratio
  • Axial Tilt: 12 degrees
  • Seasons: 2 (Hot and Hotter)
  • Atmospheric Pressure: 1 BAR
  • Atmospheric Composition: Nitrogen (80%), Oxygen (15%), Other (5%)


Map of Atraxix IV


Mostly soft sand desert, with noticeable sand storms.

  • Weather
    • By Day 122 fahrenheit/50 celsius
    • By Night 14 fahrenheit/ -10 celsius
    • Less then 25 mm of rainfall per year, most evaporating prior to landfall.
    • Sandstorms with winds as high as 400 kmh/248 mph can last for hours, days, or even weeks, depending how close to the equator it is.

There is one colony on Atraxis, Diej Prime.

Diej Prime

The only settlement on Atraxis, The Diej Prime colony holds 150,000 people. It is a large city encompassed in an environment sealed in a 310 km²/120 mi² dome from the planets natural environment. The city has multiple sky scrapers where the wealthy live while the mid to lower class live in slums, small ground level apartments, or on the streets if they don’t have an income. The colony also uses gravity nets to pull the gravity of inside Diej Prime and its facilities to closer to manageable 1g gravity.

Notable locations on Atraxis

Diej Star Port

Diej Heavy Industries Complex

Home to the main corporate offices as well as the security and salvage divisions, Diej Heavy Industries maintains a distinct presence on Atraxis IV.

The Slum Club

Is club that the Desert Gang owns. Through this club they provide prostitution, meeting for Black Market sales, and a front for money movement in the colony.

High Rise restaurant

This is the go to place for the upper-class company owners. It’s not a private club, but unless you are invited or noticeable upper class you are made to feel unwelcome quickly. This is where upper-class networking and company deals are being made between Diej Heavy Industries , off world contractors, other companies, or government agencies. Though prostitution is also performed in the restaurant, they are a high class escort that has no chance of disease.


approximately 150,000 inhabitants live and work in the main colony with another 50,000 inhabitants living outside of the colony. Most races are represented here, as any sentient can work as either a direct employee or sub-contractor to Diej Heavy Industries, or one of the support businesses located in Diej Prime such as various food or entertainment establishments.

There is an semi sentient indigenous population which was discovered on the planet during the planets initial discovery and cataloging. The indigenous population is unknown in number, but they reside primarily in the deserts away from the colony or scouting facilities. Atraxians, as they are called, are separated into clans scrounging usable tech from the dumping grounds around the mid desert. No one can live in the deep deserts that are close to the heat of the equator for long. This, and the lack of interest on the part of Diej Heavy Industries, leads most person to believe there are few Atraxians. There are rumors that even among the clans there is a leader that rules them all. On Rare occasion that an Atraxian enters the colony, they are exiles from their clans and are left alone until they inevitably break the law with their violent tendencies and are executed or expelled from Diej Prime colony.

Present Day Atraxis IV

Atraxis IV is currently owned by Diej Heavy Industries. They manage and direct the contracts for dumping and salvaging of space debris. The corporation has a main company colony located on a rock island surrounded by a desert. The salvaged debris is scattered all over the planet. Because of this, there are scout/ manage installations strategically placed for directing dump ships and monitor ships coming into and out of the planetary atmosphere. Like any company they are owned though share holders, a company board, a CEO and so on.


All firearms are illegal on the planet other then used by the Diej security. The Diej security has been known to be over zealous with security but as a whole they hold a disciplined military like authority. Most of the inhabitants in the Diej facilities are employees that direct supplies and manage the colony, there are also employee families or small business owners like any other city colony that provides services. Most employee’s work their shift and go home or have leisurely activities in the social zone. Any and all tech gathered from the dump and sold from the planet is supposed to go through Diej market. Per contract, Diej Heavy Industries has ownership of all tech once it hits the ground. There is also an illegal underground black market of tech that is salvaged owned by the “Desert Gang” and pay off officials for the gang’s profit.

On any Diej facility or colony, the Diej security have the regulated authority to be judge, jury and executioner depending on the crime. Most mid to upper level crimes result in expelling from the colony and all other Diej facilities. Though the security has the authority to make judgment and convictions, they are required to report to their superiors all sentences. Bribes do assist in the dropping of crimes, but most security hold true to the duty of sentencing to mid to lower classes. Upper class almost always get off, for the right price.

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