Type: Habitable World
System: Catalonia System
Capital City: Mudwater
Official Languages: English
Species: Human, Biosynthetic
Currency: Credit
Major Exports: Algae, Little Things Made Of Straw
Major Imports: Actual food
Elder Senator: TBA
Governor: TBA
Length of Day: 28 hours
Length of Year: 392 days
Population: 970,000,000 (3018 GSC Census)
Satellites: 2 Moons
Orbital Stations: One
Affiliation: The Interstellar Alliance


Cesuna is a somewhat backwater planet within the Alliance, often overlooked in favor of gentler climates and more promising terraforming prospects. The locals here are hardy, sullen, and touchy about their reliance on domestic imports from the Alliance to sustain their standard of living. The local culture is known as Spancott, and Alliance military members from this planet have a reputation for being tenacious with bulldog attitudes.

Mudwater, a small city on any other planet, is somehow the capital city of this tiny world. Featuring a modest starport complete with a small freight center and relaxed terminal for cargo and passengers. The nearest districts to the starport are original colonial dwellings, drab 30th century apartment blocks line both sides of the spacious streets. Functional, but dim from age, street lights maintain vigil at night.

The outer suburbs contain most of the new housing, often in townhouse style, with a few suburbs and small one acre blocks for hobby farmers and enthusiasts. Out in the moors, swamps, and hills the occasional outlier will dwell in furnished cabins and lots barely in contact with civilization along shoddy roads. While on the semi arid plains and steppe rainmaker machines march back and forth across wide cattle ranches and farmland.

Cesuna was one of the original worlds colonized by members of the UESS Pioneer being a mildly arid, moderately habitable world for the early settlers. Settled mostly by a mixture of Iberian and Scottish descended colonists, these Spancotts have created a unique fusion culture that reflects both their lack of architectural inspiration, and habitual stubbornness with their continued terraforming efforts, in a rare display of Spancott optimism they continue to attempt to suck water out of rocks to make more of the planet livable without cracking their lips in a stiff breeze.


  • Mudwater City

OOC Notes

Home for the Mudwater Paranormal plot.

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