Planet Eden

Type: Terrestrial
System: Eden
Stellar Radius: 0.85 AU's from the star
Surface Gravity: 1.0 g
Length of Day: 23.8 hours
Length of Year: 367 days
Population: 2.3 Billion
Satellites: 5 moons
Orbital Stations: lots
Affiliation: The Interstellar Alliance

The planet Eden is the capital world of the The Interstellar Alliance and was colonized in 2891. Eden is a harsh world, a desert planet that was, at the time of it's colonization, barely habitable, by human standards. It was with a stroke of dire irony that the colonists who settled the world named it Eden. The first colonists on Eden had to adapt to their new world and struggle with the initial hardships of setting up home on a world so different from the one they had come from and from the one they had intended to originally colonize.

A hot and dry world, Eden is set closer to it's star that Earth, the cradle of human life, most of it's water is concentrated at it's poles, in small ice caps and polar seas. The bulk of the world is devoid of naturally occurring surface water and most life on the planet subsides on subterranean water sources, or condensation and frost from the bone chilling cold nights. Average day temperature at the equator can reach highs of 150°F and night time lows of -20°F.

Native life on Eden is fully adapted to life on this desert world. Much of the animal life only coming out at night, save for the lesser number of species adapted to protect themselves from the heat. Plant life is often small shrubs or ground plants, or cactus-like, save for when one gets closer to the polar regions, where one can find grasslands and sparse forests.

Eden is home of a large proportion of subterranean life, from cave dwelling crab like creatures, to the great sand worms of the equatorial deserts. In just over a century since their arrival, the humans who colonized the world have, as far as their scientists are concerned, discovered and catalogued only a small portion of the subterranean life on Eden.

Planet Eden is roughly the same size and density as Earth. Orbiting the world are four moons and a ring comprised of the rubble from what the initial colonists hypothesized was originally

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With only small seas in the polar regions, Eden has no definable major continents with much of the world covered in a vast desert.

The Great Desert covers a vast expanse of Eden's surface. Running along it's equatorial region, the desert encircles the entire world. The bulk of it is vast seas of sand dunes and salt flats that used to be great oceans in the worlds distant past. The dune seas are home to the largest and most deadly form of native life on Eden, the giant NAME sand worms.

There are indications that Eden used to be a green, cooler world, once, like Earth, mostly ocean. But through some traumatic event in the worlds past, a major shift in climate dried up the oceans and wiped out most of the plant and animal life, leaving it a barren, hard world.

Eden has a small collection of polar seas concentrated around it's northern and southern poles. These seas form rings about the world's small polar ice caps. These regions contain almost the entirety of the planets surface water, though there is a great deal of water in vast subterranean cave networks.

Landfall City

Capital city of Eden and the Interstellar Alliance and the first human colonized settlement on the world of Eden. Landfall City was settled by the colonists of the UESS Pioneer in 2891 gsc. Located in the northern hemisphere, Landfall City is a large, heavily populated metropolis, the center of of governmental power for the Interstellar Alliance, technological innovation and major trade hub.

Eden is surrounded by a vast quantity of civilian government and military space stations, orbital platforms and dockyards. As well, Eden has multiple space elevators based at several of the major cities.

Notable orbital infrastructure

  • Alliance Spacedock 1
  • Alliance Navy Eden Fleet Yards
  • Landfall City Space Elevator
  • Blackbird Orbital Dockyard
  • Eden Orbital Cargo Station 1, 2 and 3
  • Alliance Navy Orbital Defense Network
  • Alliance Orbital Power Station Network

Moon 1

Moon 2


Moon 3


=== Moon 4 ===


Moon 5


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