Originally a dusty iron rich red planet inside of Rarjuni System until Lord Aniseth Whitemeadow was sent to colonize it at the end of 3017 GSC. Months of terraforming and seeding has resulted in a bio-diverse ecosystem capable of supporting a growing mixed species population of colonists, prospectors and farmers.

  • Glass: Capital City of Heled, location of the Uial Lug Barracks and Whitemeadow Manor and Glass Starport
  • Opal
  • Ruby
  • 3017
  • 3018
  • 3038
  • Heled Day- Festival celebrating the founding of Heled, and the marriage of Lord Whitemeadow and Lady Bloodtree.
  • Golden Week - Week long Festival celebrating the birth of the Princes, Markos Whitemeadow and Andris Whitemeadow, and Princess, Liruliniel Whitemeadow . All are invited to the Whitemeadow manor for free food, spirits, dancing and a tournament showcasing the strength of Heled's warriors. Festival is popular for tourists to get a glimpse of the newest equipment, tour the inside of the manor and see the personal archives of House Whitemeadow. The Meadow Wings, the Wings of Heled and the Shield Forces use this time to bolster recruitment by participating in the tournament. Most merchants unveil their newest wares and fashions during this festival.
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