The Word is an advanced planetary power system embedded into Jord that is believed to be a sentient being that seeded the Jord System with life and that flows through the universe. The Word is also believed have created the beings that inhabit Jord System and theoretically, other systems. The people of Jord believe that the Word created: The First Children, Gods; The Second Children, Elves; the third children, Humans and finally Embers and Aphotics.

All magic on the planet of Jord comes from the Word's complex system and can be harnessed through the use of appropriate tools (technology) and incantation (coding scripts). There are natural regulators created by the Word to ensure that the system is balanced and keeps the planet alive. The Embers exist to restore energy and removing “dirty energy” from the system while the Aphotics to consume excess energy produced by the system and to destroy beings that tap heavily into the the Word.

The Church of the Holy Sword teaches us that in the beginning there was nothing but darkness. It was an endless void of loneliness that expanded and sighed within the heart of the universe when the Word came. The Word was the wind, the sigh that traveled across the universe and filled the darkness with its song. The song illuminated the darkness, each note taking form and substance- bringing forth light. The Word could see the potential of this void and discovered rocks devoid of life. Its sorrow deepened and took on the guise of life forms, companions to save the Word from its eternal loneliness; we know these companions as the first gods.

The gods were children and played across the barren lands; new life springing forth in their footsteps to make them happy. Life was new and bright- the Word had banished the darkness with the light of its song but it still was not enough. The children of the Word created new life forms to fill the earth- some in their own image with the same ability to control the power of the Word and others to feed their new creations.

The Second Children of the Word were the Elder beings that we came to call “Elves”. The Elves frolicked and created without a care and eventually forgot how to hear the Word's voice. The world became too full, as there was no death and no darkness to stop it. The fullness caused the Elves to turn on one another for space and war filled the lands. They used the power of the Word to destroy the beauty of the world but there was no such thing as death, and chaos and violence reigned. The Word despaired and its voice no longer reached the ears of its beloved children.

The gods became enraged at what their children had done. Mara’s heart grew cold and she ripped the life from the warring elves as she roamed invisible across the endless battlefields. Saule in her kindness begged Mara to stop and tried to warm her sister’s frozen heart but it was no use. The goddesses went to war for the fate of the elves and it caused the world to crack apart.

Their powers clashed and Jord cried out in response to their rage and despair. The gods were conflicted, only Muneo, Saule’s husband revealed in the death and destruction but they were unsure of how to end the suffering of their creations when they could not stop their sisters from fighting each other. The other gods knew that something had to be done but they were not sure what. It was Laima that ran from the conflict and sought out the Word.

Laima’s journey took her across off the planet and into the heavens. She traveled until her body ached and her light, her power threatened to flicker out. It was only when Laima feared her own death that she found the Word. It had never left her and had been beside her the entire time. She could not see the Word in the glare of her own light.

“My child,” the Word said, “I know what troubles you. What do you wish to do?”

“I want the power to stop it. Please, help us!” Laima cried.

There was silence as the Word’s light enveloped Laima and blinded her.

Laima awoke, not aware of ever sleeping back on Jord. The Word spoke and all of the children of the Word stopped to listen. “My children and grandchildren, this must stop. You cannot walk along the same path any longer. My children- you will go to the heavens to fill the darkness with your light. I will only leave Laima and Mara to walk among the Second born. There is too much danger in leaving the world filled with my power- so many of the grandchildren have died but I will not see it empty. New children will be born to walk the earth and live in the light but not to ever wield it. The First will guide the Second and the Third so that they may not lose their way again.”

The gods vanished from Jord, Saule’s compassion became the guiding light of day while Meneo remains her counterpart as the guiding light of the night. Mara’s light shines no more and she is our death. The elves tried to make amends for the damage they had caused by teaching the Third and helping them grow.

Mankind grew quickly and their numbers outmatched the elves. They lacked the ability to use the power of the Word, what they called “magic”, but they were imaginative and created marvelous things to compensate. They worshiped the First but knew nothing of the Word itself. They eventually became arrogant and distrustful of the elves. Their distrust drove the elves away and began to manifest as an Aphotic, a monster that destroyed everything in its path.

Saule watched on from the heavens and despaired. She reached out in her desire to save her children and managed to touch a few beings with her power. These beings wielded the magical Embers of creation and fought the Aphotics. But no beings were truly meant to carry the holy fires of the Word within them- many burned out or became Aphotics themselves.

It was Perkons, the father of the storms, that interceded to our Holy Father Saint Fleur and told him the way to salvation. The Holy Father rallied the people and united the lands to combat the Aphotics.

  • Auseklis- Goddess of the Morning Star, dawn, Saule and Meneo's daughter
  • Saule- Goddess of the Sun, wife to Meneo
  • Mara - Goddess of Death and Rebirth, water
  • Meneo- God of the Moon and war, Saule's husband
  • Perkons - God of Thunder and Rain
  • Laima - Goddess of Destin
  • Hesperus- God of the Evening Star, Twilight
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