The ancestral home of the angel clan of the Hane Yazata on Liang (Tai Pan), now the shattered remains of great cities fallen from the sky. The Hane were once what many considered the most “civilized” nation of yazata, building dense metropolises upon their floating sky cities and enjoying the fruits of magical innovation while leaping at technological opportunity.

However, the clans that once lived here remain distraught to this day from the fall of their cities, much of their kin fallen with them, and those that lived haunted by the sight of the numerous ruins dotting the land. Where once they roamed free across the sky they now remain stuck upon reservation, whose land they have no love for and no ties to bar from ancestral memories of seeing it from above. Some languish and try to rebuild amidst the broken and uneven ruins, to farm the land as best they can and trade for what they need. Others set out to find a new destiny for themselves.

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