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Liang (Tai Pan) ancestral home of the Agranorn clan.

Originally named Taur-na-dhinfirie by the tatya hini of the area for its religious significance but more commonly known by the shorter name early Alliance colonists gave it, “Red Grove”. A sacred forest of red, white and black trees at the base of a large mountain.

Dual purpose - living memorial for those that died and a tophet. Without a system in place like the Embers and Aphotic of Jord, tatya hini offered sacrifices to balance the life of Liang.

It was considered a honor to offer your life to the Song but some were still hesitant to surrender relative immortality to the Gods. Some villages let the Gods decide who would be chosen to restore the balance of Liang in lotteries. Those marked as sacrifices were called to the Taur-na-dhinfirie where they laid down to never wake in this life again.

Still, some villages hired the Agranorn to kill rivals in order fulfill their requirement.

What was once a thriving village is now abandoned as the last remaining Agranorn on Liang have died out.

  • Agranorn - Blood Tree, burgundy wood that oozes poisonous sap, white leaves. - For those they murder
  • Draugr Pine - Black needles, white wood - For collateral damage
  • Black bark, red leaves - For those that die by other means
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