The lake island city, Zaria is the name sake for the interior sea it presides over, and one of the last surviving examples of elf architecture on Liang (Tai Pan). Trees sung into shape merge seamless with stone and masonry on cobbled streets. The central castella with its high tower keeps silent vigil over the lake, natural shores were long ago expanded with reclaimed land and edged with stone walls

Stone walls that are now closed to any outsiders who would enter, and shut begin those within who would leave.

OOC Notes

Large elven city within a large white marble wall in the middle of an island lake. Based in appearance on the,_Huế OR ← this would lend that this might have been built by the Elves if their cultural aeshtetic is Irish. This also pulls away from the notion that these elves are tree children if they are living in castles.

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