New Texas

Type: Terrestrial
System: Washington
Stellar Radius: 0.85 AU's from the star
Surface Gravity: 1.2 g
Length of Day: 26.3 hours
Length of Year: 369 days
Population: 4.8 Billon
Satellites: 2 Moons
Orbital Stations: Three
Affiliation: The Interstellar Alliance

The planet New Texas is a tertiary world of The Interstellar Alliance and was colonized in 2900 GSC. New Texas has been described as many things, the most popular being the breadbasket of the alliance. This comes from the vast rolling plains of the main continent and it's very high grain export because of it. New Texas is almost a carbon copy of the late stage southern United States before the formation of the Alliance. Besides the main continent's plains, it also has mountains along the west side before a basin and coast akin to that of Earth's. The two other continents on New Texas are somewhat smaller than the main one, but each have fair areas of land suitable for farms, cities, or anything that can fit. The continent of New Tennessee features large forests and wonderous hills and valleys and the continent of Pasadena features forests and flat land that is mostly taken up by cotton farms, factories, and bustling cityscapes.

The majority of the world is sea, almost fifty-two percent. the remaining forty-eight is broken up by the continents. The poles are very wide and flourished due to the very little global warming factor due to the very clean factories and large farms. New Texas's climate is very dry in the summer, with short and somewhat snowy winters. The spring season brings storms and rain while the fall brings dry yet cool air as the trees shed their leaves in preparation for winter.

Life on New Texas is a very odd sort, most of the alien livestock hunted into extinction or too thin to be noticed among the vast majority of Earth livestock brought in from the Pioneer and through other ships after the alliance's founding.


Suddenly, Geography!

New Texas has three continents on it's surface. The continent of Jacinto is the largest of the three, consisting of mostly plains with mountains to the north and east sections and rolling hills to the south and west. The coasts of the continent are hilly with multiple entrances to the two primary rivers, the Sam Hill River and the Galveston River. The largest city, the capital of the world, is New Houston: a massive semi-city-state which is the site of the major spaceport and industrial section of the main continent.

Pasadena, the middle-sized continent, is dictated as the secondary industrial and farming area. It contains a large cotton and tobacco industry thanks to it's rocky, yet bountiful farmland. While the farms and industry control the continent, this continent contains the lowest income citizens due to the overwhelming number of cheap housing and resources. While it isn't a nightmare, this is considered the poor side of New Texas.

The smallest continent, New Tennessee, is home to most of New Texas's logging firms and backwoodsmen. The planetary government dictated that the trees, which while alien in origin were cross-bred into the Earth trees to make stronger versions of regular wood, were to be harvested to only twenty-five percent of all forests on the world to maintain the oxygen levels in the upper stratosphere. Pasadena is mostly hills, and would be any hunter, camper, or other sportsman's paradise.

New Texas has two main oceans, the Alamo Sea and the Amarillo Sea. Both are salt seas with very similar aspects to the seas on Earth. The smaller seas also have names (Probably)

New Texas has three space stations, two at designated La Grange points around the planet while a third orbiting around at farther length. All three stations feature normal space station things, such as space hostels and bars. The La Grange stations are also the naval ports for the Alliance Navy and Marines.

New Houston

The planet's capital city, it is located on one of Jacinto's larger plains. It spans a whopping eighteen miles across from west to east and approximately sixteen miles north to south. The center of the city is dominated by the massive spaceport which sees much of New Texas's interplanetary trade.

New Nashville

It's a better Music City, you know, without all the freeloading idiots and depressed failed musicians (Also WIP) (I Don't Know, add more))

Moon 1


Moon 2


Yee Haw

You see a picture of the planet of New Texas and it's two moons, you feel the rising need to listen to banjo music
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