A lovely mixed temperature planet rich with life, with more tropical temperatures at the planet's equator and the northern continents experiencing more temperate climates with cold winters and hot summers. Its golden rings and teal nebulae are visible from the planet's surface at night. Many displaced Second and Third Class Taianese citizens and alien species have come to call this planet home, being dubbed by some of its inhabitants as a “nexus of random aliens”, but all are welcome to live and forge a new future on the planet's surface under the rule of House Arliegh's Lady Bhelith.

In the beginning of Bhelith's regency, after landing the Eagle and as the city itself was forming, she had requested that the people who had lived in these provinces turn over what they knew about the local wildlife. She had not been disappointed. Piyapon had developed well, almost like Liang, and she had immediately recognized the potential for the pursuit of her entertainment. Just as she had on Shara, she wandered the wilds with her anachronistic bow and her hand-turned arrows, though the heads of course were modernly sharpened, and she put on her boots and her woods clothing, she belted on her old, long hunting knife that she had kept for all these years, and she tied her hair back out of her face. She went out to enjoy the sunlight, the air, and the beauty of a place that had grown itself to beauty rather than manufactured it.
Excerpt from “Prologue: Knight of the Twilight”
Flag: XXX
Type: Terrestial
System: Kowloon System
Stellar Radius: (X AU's) from the star
Surface Gravity: XX g
Length of Day: XX Day/Night Cycle
Length of Year: X days
Population: Billion
Satellites: 1 moon
Orbital Stations: N/A
Planetary Ring: N/A
Affiliation: Not Unified
  • North
  • Special Political Region: Strawberry Island (at equator)
  • Southern

Capital Province. Bustling markets have crowded around the newly constructed docking area for the House Arleigh tree ship beyond the lavish royal gardens. People have been content to crowd in around where the Lady Bhelith calls home when she is not travelling around the sector, seeing opportunity in selling their wares to the palace workers and the people that support them.

Art by Brian Kyle Medina

Home to white sand beaches and a lavish resort area.

This western province is mostly uninhabited and a lush forest rife with wildlife and unblemished bio-luminescent forest. ​

The section of forest that she wandered through now had a bed of leaves, even in the late summer, that muffled her footsteps. The leaves were broad, about the size of her hand, and fell from trees so huge that when she looked straight up, those same leaves looked like specks of dust among the greenery. She had moved the leaves aside before, the mulch, and found that a whole system of insects and worms were industriously turning it to pulp beneath. They were unconcerned with her, and she was unconcerned with them, as there wasn't any point to trying to name all of them. They were too small and too numerous for anyone's attention aside from the compulsively self-maddening.

The beasts of this forest, however, feed off of the under-foliage. She had noticed that as well, in the disturbed leaves that fell at the feet of the huge white-barked trees. What had caught her eye hadn't been a hoof print, a paw print, or the telltale disturbance of the under-mulch from some creature finding itself a tasty morsel, but the tamped down remains of someone's regular gait.

She stopped and listened. The leaves in the wind created quiet eddies of noise for her keen ears, no matter which way she turned, she could hear their susurrus. It sounded uninterrupted. Nobody, no thing, currently walked beneath the trees save for her.

Looking back down to the bed, she began to walk, quietly picking her way so as not to disturb the tracks. She pulled a black-fletched arrow from the quiver at her belt, and fitted it onto the stave she had carved earlier in her tenure on the planet from the branches of these very trees. It was solid wood, and flexible. The thought occurred that, when she found whomever had disturbed her quiet peace, not a soul would know if that were the last mistake of their lives. The Frontier allowed people to live and die without notation.
Excerpt from “Prologue: The Knight of the Twilight”

An urban province controlled by the Sarno mafia family. It currently has no lord but Sarno'​s forces maintain the peace and facilitate unethical activity such as gambling, cage fighting to the death, black racketeering and prostitution. ​

A province currently embroiled in a bloody brush fire conflict between Lord Creature du Rochon'​s forces and a group calling themselves the “Black Army”. The province is heavily forested with bio-luminscent trees with the eastern parts of the province have drier desert salt flats but the northern mountains border the ocean. Originally populated by farms with a few handfuls of prospecting towns, the more populated parts of the province have been decimated by the Black Army's forces and many homes have been abandoned and left to be reclaimed by nature.

A thick layer of freshly fallen snow blanketed gently glowing tree tops and the forest floor beneath them. The clouds had disappeared as dawn drew near, allowing the glittering golden rings of Piyapon to be vibrant for a scant few hours as the sky began to slowly bright across the teal swirling nebula above.

The half-elven scout knelt at the river's edge concealed by heavy fog and her armor's stealth system. After a moment's consideration, she shimmered into existence, becoming a lonely phantom within the fog as the full moon cast its illumination upon her petite form. Her evergreen eyes considered the jagged breaks in the ice from behind her goggles. The current at this junction was too strong to make the ice safe to cross, it was deceptively thin. She tapped the butt-stock of her Showstopper against the icy crust, gently applying increasing pressure until the ice gave way.

Before the ice could reform, Lukina tipped a water bottle into the frigid water and refilled it before clipping it back onto her belt and rising to her feet. Her eyes swept the treeline, checking the various light spectrums for readings of interest beyond the glow of the forest. Her ears twitched beneath her hood and she turned to look at her other shadow, lifting the frigid eye wear from her eyes and let it hand at the base of her neck. “O-mizu nomitaidesu ka?” She asked softly with a smile, placing her hand on the bottle. She tried to remember the words but only managed, “Uisce?”

The crisp morning air tingled against Wolf's light skin as he reluctantly stepped out from the reaching shadows cast by the dense canopy far above. The low early morning sun barely lit his form, weak at this time of year already. “Uisce, mhm.” The words carried easily on the slight, chilled breeze that wound through the soaring forest around them. Wolf smiled broadly in kind as he made his way towards the hooded half elf, quite chuffed with himself he'd managed to trail her this far from the tent successfully - or that she had let him think that.
Excerpt from “Prisms” About Lucerin, Lorani Province


Capital of the province. The gated city of Lucarin sits nestled by a lush bio-luminescent forest, mostly abandoned by its original population when the Black Army settled in, it is now currently occupied by the Lord Creature du Rochon and the Azalea Free Company forces occupying the Governor's Manor, the Guard Barracks and extending out into a overflow tent city at the edge of the walls bordering the gates.


The inclination of the earth gradually increased from flat plain to hills. After several minutes of walking up river from Azalea's encampment, the trail ended at a punch bowl waterfall. The river pooled below with a loud misty trickle beside the gentle roar of the waterfall. The night air was cooling and the Piyapon sky glittered golden as the rings of the world danced with the teal nebula above. The bio-luminescent flora and fauna gave the night time waterfall a teal, otherworldly glow.

She stopped beside the river, her eyes drawn upward past the glow of the waterfall to the view of the golden flecked nebula above. The blue glow enveloped the half-elf as fireflies whorled around her, pulsing softly as the last remnants of summer as the mist rose around her. Her ruby hair fell loosely to the middle of her back, unbound and slightly damp. Moisture beaded against her skin, and dampened the thin white fabric of her camisole, her red skirt and black thigh highs, her exposed shoulders and the scant inches of bare thighs glistened in the light. Only the leather gauntlet on her right forearm, and the gun belt with the large pistol on her hip betrayed her occupation.
Excerpt from “Waterfall of Dejection”

Kirikuu Ranch

Once a quiet settlement of Kishargal farmers and retired Dragoons raising their proud Kirikuu warsteeds, in 3017 GSC, the Kirshagal were pulled into the conflict between the Azalea forces and the Black Army, suffering many casualties. Many of the Kirshagal survivors fled offworld or joined with the Azalea Company, abandoning their small settlement. As the conflict settled, other displaced citizens moved in and re-settled the city, breathing new life into the Ranch.

A major province on the Southern Continent of Piyapon, directly south of the Island that occupies the Special political region. Mostly mountains divided severely by the rivers for which its name is derived. Current duke of Giang is Jae Le.

  • Settled by Taianese and other other species. Became one of the Wangdiao Colonies.
  • Was largely unaffected by the civil conflict and the xenos that devastated the other Wangdiao Colonies due to its proximity to the Interstellar Alliance and the core of Tai Pan.
  • Major Corporations take control of the planet from the provincial government and stabilize it.
  • Kowloon System is established as a Special Political Region and given over to Lady Bhelith of House Arliegh to rule.
  • The Lorani Provincial capital goes dark, the Viscountess of the Province recruits a free company to bolster her forces and pacify the Province.
  • The Battle of Kolatheri between rebel forces and royalist forces ends in a draw.
  • The Battle of Kirikuu Ranch ends in a bloody victory for Azalea Free Company, which suffers devastating losses to their forces and morale.
  • Lady Bhelith grants Lord Creature du Rochon lordship over the Lorani Province.
  • Knights Marshall Dallas McClosky arrests Creature, and as a result, Valériane is pushed forward into the role of Knight Commander for Azalea Company.
  • Creature is freed from prison.
  • The Black King challenges Valeriane to a duel, resulting in the death of Valeriane and an uproarish clash between the Black Army and the Azalea Company.
  • The Azalea Free company suffers devastating losses as their rifle companies break under the Black Army Calvary charge while the Azalea Company Calvary manages to secure victory.
  • The Black Army withdraws to Paju Province for the winter, taking several Azalea Company leadership prisoner.
  • Small teams of Azalea Company members rescue their comrades and discover more about the instigators of the conflict.
  • A strike team goes into Paju Province and assassinates the Black King and his generals after securing cooperation from the Sarno Family.

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