Planet Rizen


Type: Terrestrial
System: Saint-Yves
Stellar Radius: 0.2
Surface Gravity: 0.85 g
Length of Day:
Length of Year: ?
Population: ?
Satellites: None
Orbital Stations: ?
Affiliation: Sheffeldan Freehold

Rizen was a moon colony in Wangdaio Colonies around the fifth planet, a gas giant, that was a set up as a large mining colony. Dark since the Blackout, humanity as only recently started to return to the moon to see what has been left. Marginally habitable, many of its cities live inside domed atmosphere structures to increase comfort for the colonist. None of these has been left unscathed, but the marginal atmosphere remains much more comfortable than on the outside


The only major city on the moon, houses most of the major industry, an abandoned starport (where Ten-Zen makes his home?), the Tractor Factory, and several other major industries. Most of the city is in overgrown ruins and the traumatized citizenry don't appreciate anyone appearing on their turf. From desperate bandits, rogues, hermit enclaves, or faction strongholds. Canals and bridges run throughout the city forming natural barriers to movement and channeling fighting.

Heroes Of Wangdaio Peoples Starport (WT)

The Tractor Factory

Only major highway between the mining districts in the mountains, and the city, this road has suffered from the nine years of hell its been put through. Choked with wreckage and debris from traffic and natural disasters both, failing bridges, and cracked tunnels, the road will require extensive repairs before it can be considered for use. Bandit activity along the route will trouble all who are not prepared for an extensive extermination mission.

The Pits was a mining town built over the original bore, a decade of neglect, warfare, and desperate civilian habitation has left the pits almost totally derelict. Almost all of the major access elevators are completely destroyed for the whole 200 or so levels down, leaving aircraft often as the only viable form of large scale transport in the vertical environment. However with the central shaft a complete freefire zone, aircraft are often forced to use much smaller ventilation shafts, ducts, or other holes drilled or blasted between the levels.

The Bu Qi were digging for something, they might have found what they wanted.

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