Planet Scarborough

“Long live the Liege-Lord! Long live the Freehold! Long live the Conquista!”

Type: Terrestrial
System: Saint-Yves
Stellar Radius: 0.93
Surface Gravity: 1.23 g
Length of Day: ?
Length of Year: ?
Population: ?
Satellites: ?
Orbital Stations: ?
Affiliation: Sheffeldan Freehold

The planet of Scarborough was a minor colony settled during the Wangdaio Colonies expansion that has become unrecognizable from the rustic colony it was before the Black Out. The major depopulation of surrounding planets suggest massive population movement towards Scarborough, willing or otherwise; with mass rapid industrialization and militarization evident on the surface at the cost of the native environment.

The planet itself is made up of two large continents with several sub continents surrounding them and inland seas separating the different landmasses, along with a large ocean with chains of tectonic volcanic atolls and island chains dotting its expanse.

The two major continents are mapped as Sheffeld and Manchestria to modern maps.

The Northernmost major continent, and the name sake of the Sheffeldan Freehold itself, Sheffeld is an expansive 4000km wide super continent surrounded by various subcontinents and isles, it shares a land border with southern Manchestria. The city of New Hull is located on the east coast, with the Isles of Ayr to the north-east.

Not much is known publicly about this continent other than that it's almost as large as Sheffeld, and that it's overrun by xenos. The war with which Sheffeld has been fighting since the Blackout, and has currently ground to a standstill.

Home to many of the original settlers, the Ayrish were refugees from other countries that gathered on Scarborough in order to be left alone and live their simple lives in peace. The Blackout changed all that, and occupation by the Freehold, forced emigration, and general upheavel have made many of them resentful and reticent. Despite the Isles being resettled in recent years, the Ayrish maintain an fiercely independent nature, and it is often only the equally fierce Duchess of Ayr, Daiyu Hu, the Tiger of Ayrland who represses this subversively independent populace.

New Hull Interplanetary

A starport based out of the Western harbor of New Hull, this ground based facility is a three tiered minor mega structure containing sky docks for small starships, as well as deep-water ocean docks for those ships capable. Smaller starships able to land on tarmac are able to land within designated bays upon the three main decks.

With most of the facility still under construction, space traffic is slow for a facility its size and so docking areas are usually always available. The signs of preparations for starship construction are evident in the massed materials and construction of cradles to lay down hulls.

New Hull

New Hull resembles a massive fortress more than a city, built like a maze to outsiders, with each district fortified by its own Castellea, complete with fortifications, weapon caches, bombardment shields and living space for citizens.

The Castelleas all array in a barrier around the central citadel which provides stockpiles of emergency supplies, firepower, and a reaction force of troops to the rest of the city. The effect is a cramped feeling city of narrow roads, blocks of habitation and industrial quarters, and constant turns that make every block a fight tooth and nail for any invader for each street and building.

Its people look daunt and hardy, with obesity being a rarity reserved only for the independently wealthy. State prescribed gene boosting has made the population express dramatic genetic changes towards retaining muscularity and immune systems. Basically, Hullian women are buff.

Once possessing one major satellite and two minor bodies, the surface of the major body has become irradiated as the scrap from orbital battles collects and impacts upon it, piling up in a massive derelict scrapyard for foolhardy scavengers willing to brave the constant micro impacts and shifts in debris.

The first minor body appears to have been hit by some kind of orbital weapon, fracturing a large crater and making the surrounding space unnavigable from the floating natural debris. The second minor body appears to be a loose collection of planetary materials collected but not quite dense enough to form a planet, makes its surface like quicksand for any approaching starship.

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