Story Arcs

Roleplay on Shattered Universe is broken up by individual storylines and arcs that can occur at any point of time within the universe of the setting. These timelines are fluid and can intersect with each other depending on the desires of the writers. Anyone contributing a story should feel free to write it in any time period appropriate for their setting. Below is a list and short description of some of the stories within the setting of Shattered Universe.

Some of these stories interact with the bigger world story of the setting but not all of them do. The consequences of the decisions of some of the players in this storylines send ripples through the bigger meta-story of Shattered Universe.

Keep it in alphabetical order! Also, ignore stuff like “The” and ship prefixes for the order.

  • Port Endeavour A deep space outpost located in neutral space, jointly operated by the Interstellar Alliance and Constitutional Dominion of Ersetu, Port Endeavour is the the first in a new experimental joint venture between the two star nations to jointly operate a series of outposts along the trade routs between the Alliance and the Dominion to function as ports of call, safe havens, trade ports and diplomatic contact points and promote the betterment of relations between the humans, kishargal and their neighbors.

  • Made in Sheffeld There are places within the Sheffeldan Freehold where few tread. Organized terror attacks, infestations, political dissent, and strange mysteries lie in wait. The Engineered Strike Marines are tasked with handling these strange missions, bodies made superhuman through genetic treatments and surgical correction. The boundaries of humanity will be tested through a crucible fire as genetic experimentation denies mother nature her authoritarian reign.


  • S.W.O.R.D takes place in the present day. The Alliance assembles a small band of convicts and uses them in clandestine operations promising them rewards and freedom. Provided their complete their objectives and survive.


  • You may never know when there are eyes on you, especially from the Kaiser's Unterraumsbootes: The Kaiserreich's crack stealth ships. U-99 is the Ninety-Ninth boat to leave the yards, and is one on a special mission within Taianese space. It's orders are to loiter in Taianese space as a first strike asset against the Taianese. Will they have to launch their weapons against their targets? The sector may never know.
  • Carol Octavius: An ancient map reveals the location of a tomb on the abandoned prison planet of Chateau D'Lf in the fierce LeLoup system. An experimental ship, an unknown treasure, and funding from the Magister's Consortium sends the Carol Octavius expeditionary ship off into the unknown. What secrets slumber in lost tombs? Will venturing into darkness silence that voices that threaten the sanity of the archaeologist that discovered it?
  • The Forgotten: What dark secrets does Admiral Ember Connelly hide as she searches for survivors in the wake of the Wangdaio Colonies black out? Step Into the Fire to find out more. Winner in the 2019 Tournament of Simulations for Gameplay [Horror]
  • Broken Forge (wt) : Broken Forge picks up where Black Forge suddenly ended. In the middle of a crisis with characters under fire in an unforeseen situation trying to make it out alive from between two opposing forces. Have fun.
  • Brockengeist : Development Jan 2020. You've survived the worst that the Blackout had to offer by being the worst that you could be. You're a member of the pirate vessel, Geist under the leadership of Li Cho. But its supplies are low and it's time to descend to the surface for supplies. Now's your chance to make your move. Make a power play for control or for escape. The choice is yours.

  • 147th Rapid Reaction Force: Join the fight!
  • The Deep. It began with a transmission. A sudden, constant signal broadcast throughout space, to every planet, to every corner it could possibly reach. In its early days, no one heard it; it did not wander from signal to signal, nor did it reach to ones pre-existing. Then the signal-surfers found it, and it was shared as the curious wonder that it was. It gained many names, but the almost urban legend never shared a common one until the line itself declared a title. The NovaLine. What it was, or what its supposed purpose was, simply evaded those who tuned in. Dare you seek out the origin of the NovaLine?

  • Stardragon Aboard the Independent Starship Chimera, a group of mercenaries are led by Ujia B'huakitab Bronzi. Money flows freely, and notoriety builds: But will that be enough for this motley band of mercenaries? Will they settle for their lot in life, or rise above? Will they be able to stave off the inevitable, for just one more day? Only they, and the winds of fate know.

  • Y-Haul: I haul, You haul, We all haul for fuck’s sake! Come one, come all, see the show, step right up and see how players and characters can drive a plot, into the ground. This Cargo Ship plot is focused on the player's character's interaction, with mild GM direction. All Ages welcome as long as they are above 18 and can stand Adult themes. Fun times here! Come play!

  • The Elf and the Templar: The Tatya hini of Jord and The Church of the Holy Sword have been in conflict for over a 100 years. The Order of the Templars are sworn to seek out stray Embers, and lost artifacts to return them to the Church; and to hunt down and kill Apostate mages, Tatya hini, and Aphotic. A chance encounter with 17 year old templar initiate, Malik Voss, and a Tatya hini Laumiņa, Sintija, at the river side on a fall morning has linked the fate of the two opposing orders in ways they have yet to understand. This roleplay is the basis of a novel series currently being written by Fox and Kim and should be considered a pilot story or a rough draft.

  • Song of Whitemeadow: The young elven Lord Aniseth Whitemeadow is sent as the newest of Kowloon nobility to terraform and colonize planet Heled in Rarjuni System. The Lord and his men are untested and are to be conditioned by the mercenaries of the Uial Lug Free Company, led by the elven Lady, Aleksasha Bloodtree. Politics, cultural misunderstandings and tensions rise as the groups seek to tame the new planet and face the dangers within and without the city walls. Archives here.

  • The Black Forge: Revenge? Justice? Untouchables? The Black Forge is a group of independent vigilantes and mercenaries looking to right wrongs and keep those above the law subject to a law of higher ideals. Come join our group to right your wrongs and help others to do the same. Learn the Black Codex, and transcend your weaknesses. The Black Forge, a collection of misfits all, attempts to survive in a hostile universe, by trading, fighting, and exploring while running low on spare parts, food, and keeping one step a head of the bank.

  • Crimson Corsairs: Quit the military? Found out civilian life isn't easy? Join the Crimson Corsairs and put those skills to use! As 'privateers' for hire, the cash just starts flowing in! Never mind that you're doing life threatening work, and are quite possibly getting roped into events far, far out of your control! Join the Crimson Corsairs and leap straight down the rabbit hole - for money and glory! play here!
  • The Donkey: Everyone dreams about taking to the stars as crew of the IAS Enterprise, flagship of the Alliance. Growing up, many imagine exploring new worlds, meeting exotic civilizations and coming where no person has come before, all from the bridge of such an illustrious vessel. However, adulthood brought with it many disappointments, and not getting to be at the helm of the pride of The Interstellar Alliance or even some other mighty jewel of the fleet is certainly one of them. Join the crew of a deathtrap of a ship too small to even have an official name as you clean up the messes left behind by heroes and fill in the holes they don't have the time to cover!
  • IAS Edward Deming: Heram Wazu has a plan to avert disaster, moving between major empires in an attempt to build diplomatic relations. The crew of the Edward Deming have been charged with keeping him alive.
  • Figments Of Fantasia: Thousands of years ago, a highly advanced alien civilization took other species found throughout the sector and made tweaks. They seeded these new races on a vibrant planet on the outskirts of their society. No one knows about this; no one knows why they did this. For entertainment? A sick experiment? One thing is for certain, that it is not boring. From elves and gnomes to orcish brutes and flying Seraphs. It is a battle for survival. Will you fight in the muddy, bloody battlefields between nations or will you scheme your way to the top in the courts of the elite?

  • The Gentle Breeze: Society in The Empire of Tai Pan is divided into three tiers. The 1st Class Taianese themselves, the 2nd Class who got the gene mods necessary to become Taianese in body but not mind, and finally, the 3rd Class. All the riff-raff too poor or without the social and political ties necessary to get their hands on those expensive yet wonderful gene mods. Segregated and with fewer rights, there's little room to move up in society. But, one Taianese woman in particular is wondering if this should change. Can you prove yourself to her in this story of combat, slice of life boredom, and bizarre reality?
  • Star Traveller: Don't fit in? Struggling to keep the bills paid? Haven't eaten in three days? Come join Star Traveller! We are a Firefly-esq merchant plot, with a crew of misfits just trying to keep flying, make a buck, and keep fed while seeing the stars. Archive!

  • Redfall: the successor to the The Song of Whitemeadow plot with several tie-ins. Redfall happens approximately twenty years after the conclusion of Whitemeadow. Redfall follows the crew of the titular ship, the KPS Redfall, a civilian merchant vessel involved with the Wings of Heled, a shipping, postal, and occasional salvage company operating out of Kowloon. It's captain is a jongwu and a former engineer who relieved the last commanding officer for falsifying reports about the medical state of several crew who died aboard the Redfall during routine operations. Most of the crew was cycled out and the Redfall was restaffed and overhauled to meet more modern standards, and then set out on its first voyage after being refitted for militia service by the Duchess's Wyverns. As the crew progress about their boring, regular jobs, however, they find that some of the falsehoods the former captain reported to cover his ass weren't quite so false after all. Eh, it's a job. Sign here.
  • Roses of Whitemeadow: 3038 GSC: It's 20 years after the founding of House Whitemeadow on Heled. Magic binds House Sutauto and House Whitemeadow together as a slumbering god awakens. Storms are brewing on the horizon that threaten to destroy both noble houses from within and without. Can the children of these noble houses break the chains that bind them? Or will they drown in the coming tempest? Read on here!

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