Lord Creature du Rochon leads his ragtag band of levies and knights of the Azalea Free Company in a brushfire conflict in Lorani Province on Piyapon in Kowloon System.

Character Name Type Player Description
Barlor Nulitol PC Riko Wasp Man
Duchess Bhelith Blackspear of Kowloon CO-GM NPC Fox Lord Empress of Kowloon
Lord Creature du Rochon GM NPC tony Founder, Lord of Azalea Company
Dallas McClosky PC Ham Kowloon Ranger - on Probation
Gol Shir-del PC Fox Kowloon Ranger
Lukina Aleksasha Bloodtree PC Kim Knight - Herald of Bhelith
Sidurra Gallve PC Gunsight1 Azalea Company Knight General
Sneak (The) PC [Jimmy Sneak sneak
Vella-00 "Lavender Sugar" PC Immortal Cyan Footwoman
Whisper PC Jack Pine Ssh.
Arianne Azalea NPC Kim Magical Girl Medic
bresal_sable NPC cadetnewb Mysterious Stranger- Bhelith's attendant
Ujia B'huakitab Bronzi A'soongao NPC tony Creature's less well spoken older brother
Kamilla Starfall NPC tony Elf Infantry Trainer
Mona NPC tony Creature's Empathetic Ward, Page
Ujia Sura NPC tony Creature's Niece
Ruth "Lady" Exousia NPC tony / cadetnewb Dead Former Lord of Lorani Province. Old Azalea Sponsor
Valériane PC Immortal Cyan Missing, presumed dead Acting Knight Commander, Champion of Azalea Free Company
Onikuma PC Etheral Hawk Completely Dead Sergeant at Arms, the Great White of the Azalea

3017 GSC: CONFLICT, Lies, Love, BATTLE.

Summary of Chapter 1 Goes here.

  • Battle of Kolatheri.
  • Rescue.
  • The Battle of Kirikuu Ranch
  • Graves of Someone else's nightmares.
  • Creature's arrest.
  • The Black King's Challenge.
  • Clashing with the black army.
  • Under Glass
  • Jigsaw Creature
  • The Cathouse Investigation
  • Rise, Gallve of Kowloonany
  • A Fist full of Creatures
  • The Creature and the Sun
  • 1. The Errant and the Creature - Creature fights a elven knight in Soran Nast.
  • 2. Time and Tide Waits for no Creature - Creature tried to pick up a hot waitress at a bar by claiming to be a “knight”.
  • 3. The Nomad Company of Kowloon - People learn of this Gartagen knight and come to pledge themselves to the company.
  • 4. The Nomad Company of Kowloon (Part 2)- The lie starts to take on a life of its own as a fierce gladiator pledges himself to the company.
  • 5. Battle of Kolatheri- A Hanefolk Lady of Lorani province hires the fledging Azalea Free Company to fight a rebel force and hell erupts at the sure of the Kolatheri river.
  • 6. The Flower and The Eclipse- Azalea Company launches their ambush plan against the Black King's army.
  • 7. Aside #1: The Joy of the Forest - Valeriane discovers a new levy.
  • 8. Aside #2: Catching a Kodama- Creature encounters a strange half-elf sniper in a brothel and learns a few things about knighthood.
  • 9. The Rescue of Kolatheri- Creature storms off to launch a sneak attack on the Black Army.
  • 10. Recovery and Restoration- The stolen are recovered and new revelations are revealed. A lies become truths.
  • 11. Phantoms in the fog- Lukina meets with her mysterious Lord du Rochon.
  • 12. Aside #3: Waterfall- Lukina makes a decision and has to deal with the consequences.
  • 13. Aside #4: Long arm of the Law - A Kowloonian Marshal reports in for duty.
  • 14. Aside #5: The Creature that licks its Wounds
  • 15. Aside #6: The Bard of Azalea. - Valeriane encounters the Azalea Marshall.
  • 16. The Battle of Kirikuu Ranch- The Battle of 100. New aliens encounter the Azalea company when the Black Army attacks.
  • 17. Aside #7: Unexpected Traveler - After the Battle of 100, Thad and Esaria encounter a new species of alien.
  • 18. Aside #8: On trees and Elves - Lukina teaches Esaria how to elf. (takes place after episode 9)
  • 19. The Lost and Damned of Azalea- Broken and demoralized, the Azalea company recovers in the aftermath of the Battle of 100.
  • 20. Aside #9: Of trees and Shadows- The Empress talks to her Herald about the days to come.
  • 21. The Sun's Counsel - The Empress counsels the Lord of Lorani on how to conduct his war against the Black King.
  • 22. Graves of Someone else's nightmares - Dallas and Lukina follow Creature to a derelict ship and discover more trouble than they counted on.
  • 23. Waterfall of dejection - Lukina / Dallas misunderstand each other. Dallas makes a drastic decision and arrests Creature.
  • 24. Avenger rising - Dallas tries to take control of Azalea, Val is named acting Knight Commander.
  • 25. Prison Creature - Creature learns the hard way that the prison ship is run by sadists and is forced to fight for his life in gladiatorial matches for the guards' amusement. A friend helps in an unexpected way.
  • 26. Time Served - A mysterious figure assists Creature in escaping.
  • 27. Cessation of the avenger - The Black King calls for terms and Valeriane challenges him to a duel.
  • 28. A clash of swords and rifles - Azalea Infantry engage the Black Army in battle.
  • 29. Rhythm of the war drums - The Azalea cavalry square off against the Black Army and unlikely champions rise.
  • 30. Rumble of ebon warriors- Duel between the Black Knight and the Black King
  • 31. Aside #10: Guiding light- Creature/ Lukina social post battle
  • 32. Aside #11: Of Wolf and Elf
  • 33. Aside #12: After Shocks - Lukina/ Dallas/ Creature / Gol aftermath/social, 3 days after the battle
  • 34. Aside #13: Knight Marshalls' Opinions - Knight Marshal stuff relating to Dallas after the battle in the timeline of events aftershocks, 4 days after the battle
  • 35. Aside #14: Under Glass - Lukina / Dallas / Creature vs asshole sniper from the battle of 100, after the battle
  • 36. Jigsaw Creature - Lord Ruchon, Bob, and Lukina seek out the information on what outside entity is funding, supplying and manning the Black Army and attempt to locate the captured Thad.
  • 37. The Cathouse Investigation - Gol, Wolf and Mizuki attempt to rescue Thad from the Black Army. In progress - Gol, Mizuki and Wolf try to locate and rescue Thad.
  • 38. Rise, Gallve of Kowloon - Creature names Gallve the Knight Commander of Azalea Company
  • 39. A Fist full of Creatures - Creature and Sir Sutauto Isao of House Whitemeadow launch a raid on Vice to fill coffers and regain glory.
  • 40. The Creature and the Sun - Creature heads to Paju province to shake down local Mafioso, Sarno for information and is tracked down by Lukina, Thad and Wolf. They learn something important about the Black King, and the Black Army.
  • 41. Out of the Grave - Creature and Lukina recover from the events of Creature and the Sun.
  • 42. Aside #15: Girl Talk - Lukina and Gol talk at the hospital.
  • 43. Aside #16: Creatures and Demons - Creature and Gol talk about the issues in the Lorani Province.
  • 44. Aside #17: Whispering Sakura- Whisper joins the Azalea Company.
  • 45. Judge and Jury - Rioting is happening in Lorani province over the recent arrest of a shipping company executive. Creature has to oversee the trial.
  • 46. Puzzles in Puzzles- Lukina presses Bresal for answers about what is going on in the Province.
  • 47. Aside #18: This Is My Boomstick- Dallas works on a new gun and has a strange encounter with a woman.
  • 48. Aside #19: Prisms- Lukina and Wolf talk about his past.
  • 49. Aside #20: The woman with the flytraps - Lukina visits Dr. Jenn.
  • 50. Aside #21: Honoring the dead

3018 GSC: Current Arc!

The end of the war with the Black Army following the execution of the Black King and his generals allowed for some months of peace for the people of Lorani Province. The citizens returned and re-established their businesses and slowly started to rebuilt their lives. The Azalea Free Company was able to lick its wounds and properly train and equip their soldiers under the competent leadership of Knight General Sidurra Gallve and Knight Kamilla Starfall, leaving Lord Creature du Rochon to the task of running the province, or rather, delegating the administration of justice to Sidurra Gallve and Gol Shir-del.

New reports from The Interstellar Alliance revealed the decimation of Alliance colonies by a race of savage warriors called the Atraxians. The Atraxians were on their way towards Solarity of Kowloon's holdings, prompting Lord Creature du Rochon to plan an imprompto vacation with his loved ones. Only after being convinced to stand and fight by his friends, Lukina Aleksasha Bloodtree and Dallas McClosky did Creature accept the responsibility of planning the defense of Lorani and Kowloon System with Duchess Bhelith Blackspear of Kowloon. Searching through the ancient tomes, the found that the answer they sought, ancient Gartagen warmachines lurked in the heart of Kowloon Space at the abandoned forge colony of Gor Gozen, where ancient tatya hini gained weapons imbued with magic from Master Gartagen smiths.

Soon joined by the representatives of the Gartagen Empress, Bronzi and Sura and accompanied by Shield Forces, the Azalea Free Company took a portion of its forces to Gor Gozen to find the method to stop the Atraxian Menace. Azalea was caught off-guard by Atraxian scouts and soon engaged in battle, taking some casualties but managing to recover without losing too much ground.

They ventured to the gates of Gor Gozen and descended into darkness, finding death and decay as they got closer to the city proper…

  • Azalea Free Company Flag by Gunsight1
  • Creature by Juliana Wilhelm
  • Arianne Azalea by Ishmail
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