Shattered Universe firmly believes in common courtesy and respect as the core of its governing philosophy.

Every person in this website deserves respect, dignity, and acknowledgement, no matter their skill level or position.

Therefore, we believe that the following things should be set in stone.

  1. Courtesy Rule
    1. Everybody has a right to respect and dignity.
    2. No racism, sexism, ableism, etc. - do not use inappropriate, racist, or insulting language.
    3. Failure to follow this rule is subject to action as determined by administration on a case by case basis.
  2. Proprietary Rule
    1. If somebody writes it, it is theirs.
    2. This includes characters, factions, species.
    3. Cite where your art comes from.
  3. 18+ Rule
    1. Although we value our younger members, elsewhere we have found that the inclusion of those aged <18 years has led to issues with legality that we do not want to deal with. Participation on this website assumes that you are 18+, and falsifying this information will lead to a ban.
  4. Plagiarism Rule
    1. You shall not claim someone else's work as your own. This is an original setting universe, and we do not take pre-existing elements from other known properties.
    2. All content, writing and artwork both, is the original work of its owner, and if it does end up resembling something else it is taken on a case by case basis as coincidence.
    3. If it is determined not to be coincidence, measures will be taken.
  5. Admin Primacy Rules
    1. It is entirely possible that, in the creation of this website, situations will come up which violate the spirit of the rules rather than the letter of them. In this case, Administration is empowered, and should, take immediate corrective action as their best judgement guides them, and afterwards a rule may be created by joint discussion in order to address the unlisted violation in the future.

These additions have been added as necessary via admin primacy.

  1. Politics on Discord
    1. Do not discuss politics on our discord. This has led to the idea that the website endorses an American political party, which it does not. The website has, and will continue, to play host to many different beliefs and concepts, but we do not endorse any specific one.
  2. Advertisement on Discord
    1. Other businesses shall not advertise on Discord or in our Forums without explicit written permission from a General Officer/Administrator.
  3. Swearing at Administrators/Moderators
    1. We don't mind if you disagree with us, or are angry, but we require it be kept civil. Swearing at an Admin/Mod in the general chat will result in an immediate kick, or ban, depending on context and severity.

Following discussion in early 2020, we found that further clarification were necessary.

The following pages concern specific directions. These will be included below.

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