Rules & Conduct

Shattered Universe believes in the common humanity of all its members and friends, and shapes its core philosophy around respect, dignity, and the value of the individual.

This website aims to be a place of enjoyment, self-improvement, and shared experience. A place where we treat each other with respect, reasonableness, and care. We will not always succeed, but we will take lessons even in failure.

“Art should comfort the disturbed, and disturb the comfortable.” - Banksy.

If you feel like a member or staff are breaking the rules or being treated unfairly please get in contact with the websites Fair Go Ombudsman, Gunsight1.

  1. Shattered Universe will endeavor to let its members express and create their artistic vision, discuss projects, and socialize freely as much as possible while protecting their creations to a reasonable degree.
  2. The website will treat all who arrive respectfully, and endeavor to provide users the tools and support they need to succeed.
  3. The website will protect its members from abuse, internal, external, or from staff to its full extent. Members will not inflict and protect each other from harm and abuse both in the website and out of it.
  4. The website will respect the time of its members and staff, and undertake to maximize their enjoyment in the website without burdensome accounting as much as possible.
  1. Be nice. Treat members and staff with respect and dignity.
  2. Do not harrass, threaten, or defame other members (or anyone else for that matter).
  3. Strict no politics rule. Leave it at the door. There are other places for that.
  4. Disagreement is allowed, but please do it calmly and respectfully.
  1. You must be 18+ to join. Legal requirements to cater to younger audiences makes it too difficult to host younger players. Participation on this website assumes that you are of majority, falsification is a bannable offense.
  2. Even though we are an 18+ community, you must provide a photo of official ID before gaining access to NSFW sections of the website and discord. The photo only requires your D.o.B.
  1. You cannot force someone to RP with you. You certainly cannot force someone to ERP with you.
  2. If you do wish to ERP with someone, be upfront with your intent, and accept rejection or acceptance gracefully.
  3. If you feel pressured, or unfairly treated because you refused an RP request, contact staff immediately.
  4. If a player is uncomfortable continuing playing and makes this known, the GM is required to pause until the issue is resolved.
  1. Admin and staff will identify themselves and act in accordance with the responsibility they have towards the site and the members.
  2. Staff will never ask for your personal details or passwords beyond that which is required for NSFW access if you choose to request it.
  3. Members must listen and obey orders from staff, as long as those orders reasonable in scope. A member may ask for a review of a staff decision by another staff member once the immediate situation is resolved.
  1. All rules above apply. Be courteous, make everyone's day a little more positive.
  2. Links to 3rd party websites that contain largely NSFW content must be posted in NSFW areas, not in general channels.
  1. Streaming to third party websites while on general chat is not allowed, we discourage streaming on Gamer chat because we cannot enforce third party streaming rules. If you choose to stream to third party websites you must declare on discord that you are recording.
  2. Using Discords screen share system is permitted.
  1. The wiki is intended to be for the convenience of the user, not an ironclad lawbook to beat people over the head.
  2. While product pages are welcome, users are certainly able to come up with generic products and weapons in roleplay without having to cite a wiki article at the discretion of the Game Master or other thread writers.
  1. If someone writes it, it is theirs. Characters, nations, or species. Please ask before committing changes to live pages.
  2. Plagiarism is forbidden. You shall not claim someone else's work as your own, do not file off serial numbers off of other properties and try to plug it into the setting. Take the extra time to make something original. Happy coincidences are determined by staff.
  3. Art must be credited and cited, either under the picture or at the bottom of the page. Preferably both. Credit must be given even if you made the art yourself.
  4. Please name images helpfully and add the artists name in the filename as much as possible.

Art Rules

  1. By posting your own original artwork, self-made or commissioned, you give SU license to use it for as long as you wish. All rights to the art belong to the owner, and will be removed on request.
  2. Art must be credited to the artist at minimum, the art owner should at least be credited at the bottom of the page.
  3. No NSFW images may be put on the wiki, even of website characters. Those can be shared in the NSFW areas of the forums and discord.

“This is my doctrine: Give every other human being every right you claim for yourself.” - Robert G. Ingersoll

  1. Staff will endeavor to make the website a place where members can express themselves through discussion and art without upset or tyrannical oversight.
  2. Staff will strive for self improvement and develop a tradition of excellence.
  3. Staff will act in the community as leaders, advisors and helpers, not bosses.
  1. Staff will not only adhere to all rules set out, but are empowered to act upon them and to see them enforced in a reasonable, even-handed manner.
  2. Staff will enforce rules evenly across the entire site and will not target any part of it especially for enforcement or punishment.
  3. Staff are empowered to enact the spirit of the rules instead of the letter.
  1. A staff member will not adjudicate over a situation where a conflict of interest is demonstrated if possible.
  2. A joint decision between staff may be reached if a controversial decision is made, and may be upheld or adapted as necessary.
  1. Staff will communicate all punishments handed out for both staff and member reference. The members visible logs will have identifying information removed unless the punishment is a ban or suspension.
  2. Staff must note all communication from membership asking for mediation or action. Requests for information or content advice do not need to be reported.


  • May have to make the mission statement a more complete document.
  • Staff procedure should be detailed in its own page.

Following discussion in early 2020, we found that further clarification were necessary. As this main rules paged was revamped in 2021, these sub-pages may or may not receive work at a later date.

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