Creating an Ember Character

Playing an Ember character is much like playing a human, except, you just can't touch anyone with your bare skin without risk of draining them of their life energy. Touching is a big taboo and you would try to avoid it when necessary. But let's just start with the basics first!

One of the things that is recommended is to create a character sheet first to contain the basic information about the character you want to write. The wiki exists as a quick reference guide for players and Gamemasters to look at when interacting with your character to get a feel for what they look like and who they are. I personally refrain from placing any information that I want to have discovered in game from the wiki but if there is something important you want the GM to know, private message them through the forums or the Discord.

To start your character you should consider a name for them. Embers usually only have a given name, many lose their surnames by being cast into the religious orders of The Church of the Holy Sword. Off-world Embers (not on Jord) have been known to adopt the name of their ships or community as their surname to establish a sense of belonging. For example, Arianne of the Azalea Free Company assumed the name Arianne Azalea after joining the Free Company but Unnur has lost her surname as an Ember of the Order of the Resplendent Mother.

Embers are given names by their parents at birth. The culture of Jord lends to Northern European, specifically Slavic (Latvian, Russian) names but Embers that were born off-world could really be named anything.

Male Given Name Examples Female Given Name Examples
Juris Anna
Edgars Inese
Māris Inga
Aivars Līga
Mārtiņš Dace
Ivars Marija
  • La Lauer - Wangaio Ship
  • Redfall - Kowloon Ship
  • Glass - Kowloon City
  • Heled - Kowloon Planet
  • Liang - Taianese Planet
  • Azalea - Kowloon Free Company
  • Meadowwing - Kowloon Planetary Forces
  • Skywood - Village on Jord
  • Shizi - Taianese Station
  • Cho - Area on a Station
  • Endeavor - Joint Species Station
  • Asteria - Kowloon Ship
  • Lorani - Kowloon Province
  1. Create a new page by typing or copying the following url into your browser.
    http://www.shattered-universe.com/doku.php?id=character:<your character name>
  2. Change <your character name> to your character's name
  3. Click Create Page.
  4. In another window open the Sample Ember Character Page
  5. Click “Edit”
  6. Copy the code section from the page and paste it into your new page.
  7. Click “Save” on YOUR page.
  8. Close the Sample character page, selecting cancel to discard your edits.
  9. Click Edit on your page to start filling in the fields with your character's information.
  • Height : Embers can be of any human ranged height.
  • Weight : Embers have a high metabolism but are capable of putting on weight, but tend to be lighter than the average human.
  • Appearance: Embers can have any hair or skin color. Their iris and schelera are shades of blue that glows.

What type of person are you?

An Ember can only do one thing at a time concerning their powers. They are either Absorbing, Reflecting or transferring their energy. They passively absorb energy from the world and things around them but their species specific technologies are designed to pull power from the Ember regardless of her active power state. It is common for a captured Ember to be shoved into specially designed compartments to force them to power weapons and ships. Their power can be interrupted by insulating the Ember or implanting Maraium into their bodies to restrict their ability to control their powers, effectively reducing them to a living battery.


By their nature, Embers passively absorb power from the environment around them. This can result in negative effects with unshielded (uninsulated) technology and with direct skin contact with another living being. You can't touch people without absorbing their energy.

  • For a few seconds, it might make the other person feel winded or tired.
  • For a few minutes, they'll ache from the effort of standing and feel exhausted.
  • For a half hour, the person might faint.
  • For more than an hour, the other person might enter a coma.
  • Longer than that- the other person will die, drained of life.

An Ember that is in combat may resort to drastic measures to stay fighting and protect the people around them. She might grab a laser gun battery, place a hand into a fire, touch a running engine or even steal energy from another person to recharge if she is desperate.


Embers can give that energy back to others but it takes a concentrated effort to transfer their life energy into another person or thing. It is possible to bring someone from the brink of death but that takes a physical and spiritual toll on the Ember. Only a life can pay for death. There is also the concern with the speed at which the energy is transferred too another - too fast and you risk injuring the other person and yourself.

A particularly creative Ember might figure out how to concentrate her energy into bursts but will drain their energy reserves quickly this way. Ember weapons are designed to regulate this sort of power flow into a more manageable method for increased accuracy and efficiency.


An ember can reverse the flow of the energy around them or within them to act as a shield. It's easier to shield yourself than it is a large group of people. A large group shield over 10-20 people might last for a few seconds while a personal shield might last for a few minutes.

  • You were born in a small human village on Jord and when your power activated at around 5 or 6, you were taken into the care of the Church of the Holy Sword.
    • If you were female, you were placed into one of the Convents of the Order of the Resplendent Mother where you were taught strict dogma regarding chastity, the only males you might have seen in the convent were the Templars when they came to take another to accompany them to fight aphotics. You had an ever present companion that you knew to be your spirit guide, who offered you advice and helped you focus your powers for the day that you would go to fight an aphotic. Usually, the Ember Journey sisters that left the convent never returned. Your sisters that made it to 18 became the Helka and their eyes seemed dimmer, and they more solemn. You longed to see the world beyond the convent crowds and possibly to find love. Then the day of your first mission came, you were 15 and the journey from the convent long. The Templar was respectful but seeing your first aphotic was terrifying. You performed your duty took on the burden of the evil spirit. But something happened on the way back that prevented you from returning to the convent…
    • If you were male, you were placed in a monastery with the Brotherhood of the Flamen Saulis. You were one of a handful of male Embers at the monastery. You heard rumors that many male Embers are killed upon the discovery of their powers. You lived a life of celibacy and never saw a woman aside from the horses. Very rarely, a Templar would come to take an Ember with him to fight an aphotic but those days rarely came. You longed for the day that you could go beyond those walls. And when the day came, you were 18 and
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