Creating a Human Character

Humans, despite being the 'average' baseline to which all other species are compared to, are an incredibly complex species as despite all the similarities that humans all share as a species, at least at one point or the other, every last one of them is unique. Even from the start of their lives, no two humans are exactly the same. They come in countless shapes, sizes, and smells. You could line a million humans up and each and every one of them would be different than every other human with few exceptions.

Humans aren't the smartest, quickest, nor the strongest species in the universe, but they make up for this in adaptability.

Humans are young in this sector of the galaxy. The Colonists of the The Interstellar Alliance arrived through a space fold from Earth in 2551 GSC but a colony of humans were introduced earlier after being abducted by an unknown alien species and deposited on Jord in 2018 GSC.

Humans tend to follow the naming conventions of their original Earth culture. For example, Japanese descendants write their surname first followed by their given name, for example, Natsumi Maya. Spanish descendants write their given names first followed by different family names such as María Cristina Estela Marcela Jurado García. The more traditional name their children after other family members while more contemporary parents might name their children after locations, expensive products or after popular culture trends

There's an almost endless pool of names available to human characters.

Your Human character can come in a nigh endless amount of 'flavors'. Naturally, humans can come in all sorts of skin tones, hair colors, builds, eye color, and so on based on their ancestry. With augmentation, the already wide variety of options grows vastly.

Humans often change their appearance to fit in, but just as often to stand out. It is important to keep in mind your character's personality, background, occupation, and their environment when deciding on your character's appearance.


Humans most usually come in two physical sexes- Male and Female, however, there are humans that are a mixture of both due to genetics or through future augmentations.


Humans tend to live upwards of 80-90 years of age, but with the right medical care and augmentations humans can potentially live up to a maximum of approximately 150 years.


The average height for a Human male is approximately 172 cm (5'7“) and the average height for a Human female is approximately 158 cm (5'2”), however, humans fall into a large range of heights ranging from approximately 2'5“- 9'. Humans on either end of these extremes often experience health problems and can die at an early age unless treated with advanced medical treatments and/or augmentations.


The average weight for an adult human is approximately 62 kg (137 lbs), however, just like height humans can vary wildly in weight and while this is often based upon height and diet, other outside factors can affect this.

Keep in mind how active your character is, how often and what they eat, and any potential health problems they may have

Build and Skin Color

Humans most often fall into one of into one of three categories:

1. Ectomorph- Lean and long, with difficulty building muscle.

2. Endomorph- Big, high body fat, often pear-shaped, with a high tendency to store body fat.

3. Mesomorph- Muscular and well-built, with a high metabolism and responsive muscle cells.

Granted, just like every other physical aspect, human builds can be a mixture or in-betweens.

Humans come in a wide variety of skin tones ranging from porcelain to ebony, for example, although albinism and melaninism is possible among humans creating both light and dark extremes in their skin tones. With augmentation even more options are available.

Eyes and Hair

Human eyes and hair colors come in an endless variety thanks to genetics, augmentations, and cosmetics.

Distinguishing Features

Through both desire and their everyday lives humans often have their own unique distinguishing marks! These can be, but are not limited to; Scars, birthmarks, wigs, tattoos, and hats.

Anything that is immediately, or at least easily, noticeable about your human character.

If your character owns anything, chances are they have some sort of occupation- this is an important step in creating your character (even if they lack an occupation!) The options are vast, but most often the story arc you wish to place your character into has pull as to what this occupation (or lack thereof) is.

Independent Organizations


Government Jobs


As a human being you could have any background. These are just some ideas to give you a launching point.

The humans of the Interstellar Alliance are proud of the innovations and ingenuity of humanity. The Alliance attempts to maintain neutrality in dealing with their neighbors but things do happen. You are a human being using technology to make up for any shortfalls between yourself and the alien species that inhabit this sector. The Alliance is humanity at its best. They are striving to keep their genetic identity intact as they co-mingle with the aliens in the region. They frown upon the genetic modification of the Empire of Tai Pan and the Wangdaio Colonies.

If you grew up in one of the Alliance colonies you had access to reasonable health care, a fair government with good welfare programs and opportunities for a well rounded education. You could have lived on one of the farming or mining colonies or even on a space station. The Alliance has great pride in their Navy, Army and Marine forces though they are mostly peacekeepers in modern times. There is also a law enforcement branch, the Marshal Corps of the Interstellar Alliance that attempts to mediate arguments and keep the peace in this region of space.

If you are one of the descendants of the humans placed on Jord you would have a strange view of space travel, as your home planet hasn't advanced in technology to truly reach the stars. The Alliance has made contact and does some trade but they don't interfere with the technological progression of the almost medieval atmosphere of Jord. You likely view elves and aliens with great suspicion as the Church of the Holy Sword encourages xenophobic policies. If you'd like more information on the human backgrounds of Jord, click here.

If you grew up within the borders of the Kaiserreich, you were raised in the eyes of the Kaiser and the Schierkopf dynasty either in the borders or on Neue Hesse, the Eastern Colony. Your people originated from Jord, but were guided by a Seer, known to you as the Walküre, who led your people to Reich. The Kaiserreich has had a long reign and still seems at the height of its power, but they take care of you. You have never grown up in peril as long as the Soldaten of the Weltraumheer and the Matrosen of the Interstellare Marine stood ready.

The people of the Kaiserreich have technology, but are conservative users. Almost as if someone thrust the early Earth 1900s Europe into the space age there and then. Ample people still live in villages and towns as well as the larger cities. Handheld computers are common, and are usually used to supplement regular working, as the majority of factories are manual and not automatic. They are an odd people compared to the Alliance or Tai Pan, but they have always been welcoming of others and very protective of what they call home.

The Wangdaio Colonies came into existence in 3008 GSC from a handful of Third Class citizens of Empire of Tai Pan that had left the Empire proper for better prospects in the outer colonies, far from the heart of the Empire's power. The colonies fell in 3010 GSC after the disappearance of Prime Minister Ayana Morita and the mysterious black out that jammed all communications in the region. Most colonists did not begin to be rescued or evacuated until 3015 GSC, leaving many colonists on their own to fight the ravenous hordes of xenos, pirates, and the Heise insurgency that hit the region.

  • You could be a colonist that was left on their own too long that eventually made his way to safety under his own power. Or you could have been part of the survivors rescued by Admiral "Ember" Connelly in 3015.
  • You could be a member of the Wangdaio Shouwei Forces Peacekeepers that attempted to keep order and keep the colonists safe from all those that sought to do them harm.
  • You could have been one of the Heise that thought they were fighting for a better future for the Colonies or someone that realized that the insurgency was a bad idea.
  • You could be a survivor in Alarie from over-crowded space habitats built on barely functional warship wreckage over a ruined planet.
  • You could be a Sheffeldan or Ayrish native from the Sheffeldan Freehold, a nation made in the ashes of the Colonies who have weathered the storm of the Blackout and alien predation and been changed by it. Hammering a culture together through desperation and sheer will, and developing a warrior ethos and war machines to back it. Native Sheffeldans have been heavily gene-modified, the most obvious effect of this are their superb physiques and cats eyes, having fought monsters since the Blackout, some say they are on their way to becoming monsters.
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