The I'ee are a species of space-faring, wasp-like aliens who live in eusocial families propagated by a single queen who is provided for by numerous, sterile worker females. Once, the I'ee were part of a larger empire, a client species who were uplifted from a feral state and used for cheap labour and as loyal soldiers. The destruction of this empire also resulted in the loss of the I'ee's homeworld, and the remaining families scattered across the sector, struggling to survive in the depths of space.

Once existing as a feral species on their home planet, known only to them as Ee'ee, the I'ee were uplifted by an advanced species of humanoids and effectively domesticated. With great numbers, loyalty and pliability, the I'ee made for effective labourers and auxiliary troops, and their growing intelligence even saw some families of I'ee placed in charge of fleets of starships.

The empire that the I'ee were clients to did not stand the test of time: An invasion of marauding Atraxians engulfed their home, and though they were eventually defeated, the empire crumbled in time. With no superiors directing them, the majority of I'ee families, particularly those in charge of mining and trading, scattered across space. These families now live a nomadic lifestyle, selling their services, settling on planets or other colonies, or even engaging in piracy.

A portion of the military I'ee families still hold areas of space once belonging to the old empire, dutifully manning ancient starbases and defending their territory, awaiting orders that will never arrive. These families are isolationist, refusing to associate with other species for the most part and only communicating with other I'ee families, attacking intruders without hesitation.

In appearance, I'ee very closely resemble real life yellowjacket wasps, albeit measuring about four feet in length on average (amongst worker females). Their body is composed of three main segments: A head, a thorax and an abdomen. Three pairs of slender legs are attached to the thorax, which are used for locomotion and manipulation. Two sensory antennae protrude from the head, which also possesses a pair of large compound eyes. Two pairs of wings are also attached to the thorax, and used for limited flight. There is a high degree of sexual dimorphism in I'ee: Worker females are strong and possess a venomous sting, but are usually the smallest in length. Drone males are slender and slight in build, weaker than the females, but are universally sexually active. Finally, fertile females (also known as queens) grow to be the largest amongst I'ee, averaging at about ten feet in length. Like workers, they possess a stinger, but have vast reproductive capabilities and are capable of laying many eggs each day.

I'ee from the Thi-Thi family bear radical morphological differences from other I'ee, enough so that they could qualify as a sub-species. They bear a much more humanoid form, the thorax mimicking a human torso, complete with 'pseudo-breasts' in the case of females, though these do not appear to share the purpose of the mammalian equivalent. They still have the wings and abdomen of their more insectoid relatives, as well as very similar head structure, but their physique lends them greater finesse in combat.

I'ee are capable of communicating both physically and verbally, by dancing in a manner similar to bees, or by vocalising using the spiracles on their abdomen. I'ee culture can vary widely from one family to another, and the concept of family and the underlying instincts that drive each I'ee have a large impact on how they behave and perceive the world. To an I'ee, their mother (queen) must be protected at all costs, and her wishes must be achieved. This means that each I'ee family is generally very independent, as well as very focused, in its aims.


While there are countless small I'ee families forming and dying out every few years, a number of elder families holding substantial power have existed for several generations. An article listing these families can be found here.

Due to their nomadic nature, scraping out a living amongst the stars, the I'ee have very little technology that they can call their own. Most of what they use is alien technology, retrofitted to better suit their physiology, or ancient equipment made prior to the fall of their original civilisation. Thus I'ee technology, from weaponry to ships, tend to have no uniformity to them.

In recent times, some I'ee families have begun to discover a latent, magic ability. Whether this power is a remnant of some old technology embedded in the I'ee's physiology or a psychic ability, it has only begun to surface in recent times. Sometimes half-jokingly referred to as 'love magic', the powers drawn upon by I'ee are strengthened by the family members' bonds with one another. An I'ee magic user's power scales in proportion to their family's population, and their powers are further increased if their family focuses their minds upon them. Thus, I'ee queens are usually the most potent users of this 'love magic', due to the natural obsessive affection their children feel towards them. This magic is most effective when used for purposes such as healing or empowering, due to its positive nature, but when faced with a significant threat, it can be used defensively to harm an enemy.

This is a list of I'ee characters, both player controlled or non-player:

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