O.G.R.E is a backronym that stands for Optimized Garrison Reconnaissance Engineered soldiers.

Art by Cris Luspo commissioned by Kim

The O.G.R.E s or simply Ogres were created by the Wangdaio Colonies shortly before they declared independence from the Empire of Tai Pan. The newly independent nation fearing a war with their former nation preemptively created new gene modified super soldiers to counter the empires own imperial soldiers, and feared Dragon Knights. New Immigrants from the The Interstellar Alliance were prime candidates due to the human body and genome being relatively easy and cheap to modify.

The process for making an O.G.R.E involves gene therapy, surgeries, and then training. The candidates can be either male or female, though the process is easier when done to a male require slightly less time. The candidate can only be a willing volunteer (As per Ayana Morita's orders)) The candidate is preferred to be an adolescent and must undergo a physical evaluation. Only candidates in top physical condition are selected. The next phase of the process sees the candidate undergoing modification of their genetics using basic slapdash Taianese genetic modification techniques and technology. The candidate has their bone density increased, muscle mass increased as well as adrenaline pumps and additional organs grown inside of the body. Shortly after this process, the candidate is then shipped off to surgery to have malformations corrected as well as having the skeletal structure reinforced, and the dermal layer made resistant to bullets and other ballistics. This process takes roughly a month, as the candidates to the program are allowed time to heal.

Once the transformation from humble human to genetically modified superhuman is complete the candidates undergo a physical examination. If the surgeries are successful the Candidates can lift between 1000 and 2000 KG with ease. They can run up to fifty miles per hour and have superhuman reflexes and agility. The final bit of the examination is testing of the endurance, in which a standard rifle is fired at the candidate. If the bullet is turned away, the candidate's modification has been shown proof, and they can move on to training.

The training program in its hay day lasted roughly a year. It focused on combat tactics, special operations, urban warfare and most other aspects of war. The intense and brutal regime, in the end, produced some of the most potent and dangerous soldiers the sector had ever seen. Once training was completed, the O.G.R.E's would all swear an oath to defend the colonies and their founder, Ayana.

From the Role-Play

Everyone in the newly independent colonies anticipated a Tai-Pan response. When independence was declared the whole of the colonies went on high alert and every soldier was on station. Yet no attack ever came from Tai Pan. For months the colonies nervously looked over the border expecting a fleet and invasion. But the fight for their lives did not come crashing through the front door. Little did the Colonial's know they had a monster under their bed waiting. Watching.

The Blackout came like a thief in the knight. Computers went down and power was lost. Soon every military outfit in Colonial space was under siege from unknown alien forces and Heisie. The surprise and terror of the situation almost allowed a full overrun of all of the colonies. Almost.

It was here the O.G.R.Es were deployed. An entire army of them had been trained in secret. Brave genetically modified human men and women. With little more than their training and thick armor, they came out and fought back the monsters in the darkness. The blackout has many tails of horror and death. A tragic time in which every citizen of the colonies cowered in horror. Yet the O.G.R.Es did not yield and made the monsters earn every life they took. It is estimated that the O.G.R.E program saved millions of Colonial civilians during this dark time. Though many of them died during the chaos, they never broke their oath to the colonies. It is said that a unit was sent to safeguard the Prime Minister, and when they arrived at her quarters they found her missing.

Officially it is said no new O.G.R.Es are put into production. Though it is rumored that some of the veteran O.G.R.Es have seceret labs where they take hopefuls in order to keep their new species alive. Ayana missing, and their colonies dissolved, the O.G.R.Es are warriors with out master, and children who have lost their parents. Many of them wander known space operating as mercinary troupes. Others operate as militia in the newly formed Kowloon colonies, though these men and women refuse to swear loyalty to any save the people who used to live in the former colonies. A select few, however, are insistent that Prime Minister Ayana is alive, and are intent on her rescue. If Ayana was ever located. She would have her self a ready-made army who would send the call and restore her to prominence…..

Character Creation

So you want to be a ten-foot tall Genetic Super Soldier? Congratulations!

O.G.R.E's are human. That is they are Human beings who have been tailored to be super strong and powerful warriors.

Where do you come from? Well above is the history, chances are you experienced that, as O.G.R.E's are specialized characters who all share a common origin, the story told above in the history. However you do have the option to say your O.G.R.E was made later, in a back ally science lab, and it likely sucked and wasn't pretty.

What does my O.G.R.E do?

Well, they are soldiers, so anything military/infantry oriented. They carry heavy weapons and wear super thick armor. As an O.G.R.E do n't need a tank, you are the tank. Power armor? You are the Armor. You can wade into combat and stand as puny bullets bounce off your rippling pectorals and four-inch thick battle armor while firing your 120 mm rifle at enemy troops. However, they are the product of a nation that died. Today's O.G.R.Es operate as mercenaries, and soldiers for hire, bodyguards and local militias, even bouncers, and security personnel. But its also up to you. An O.G.R.E is capable of doing anything.

What can my O.G.R.E look like.

Human. Any type human being you want. Physically O.G.R.Es are between eight and ten feet tall. Their bodies are totally ripped with bulging powerful muscles. Arms like tree trunks, thighs that can crush pennies. O.G.R.Es can also be women.

Can I make a half-breed O.G.R.E? Yep. O.G.R.Es are rippling hunks, so they probably get some love. They make little babies who are still pretty tall and ripped, but nowhere near as huge. Half-Breeds can only be derived from an O.G.R.E having relations with a human being. They typically stand between six and a half feet to eight feet tall. While not nearly a physically powerful as their parent, Half-Ogres are still impressive specimens.

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