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The Othan are a presumed cousin species of the Elves from the remote Yedazhiv, which once teetered on destruction. They are capable of drawing blood from themselves and others to increase their lifespan and practice forms of magic native to their kind. The Othan were known as being tall, bearing split ears, and possessing hauntingly colored eyes which mirrored a black hole's ring. Notorious for their strange isolationist existence, the Othani are typically mysterious to the sector at large, but are considered to be highly genteel when their cultural differences are respected.

While these are commonly held behaviors, an Othan is capable of any range of personal beliefs and expression.

An average Othan is often identified by a notably genial and personable suite of behaviors that contrast their isolationist tendencies. The act of consensual feeding is seen as a moral paramount, so even their more violent tendencies are subverted. They are often slow to anger, so long as their beliefs are respected while within their territories; their reponse to ridicule outside of their lands tends to vary between individuals. However, it is often the younger generations that are willing to venture out from Othan space, which drastically contrasts the otherwise sedate tone of life on Yedazhiv.

Pointless violence, refusal to explore diplomacy, militaristic doctrine, and the breach of universal rights are taboo to the average Othan. Strength is still valued, but is seen as a sorrowfully necessary part of life. However, depression over such matters is usually saved for the older generations. Those that indulge their darker natures do exist within the confines of Othan society, and while hunted, pose an immense threat despite their limited numbers.

  • Adult Othan: Characterized by a surprising appreciation for life and the company of others. Usually considered to be urbane, and otherwise well bred. They are the most often the most assertive and extroverted.
  • Old Othan: Jaded, with far diminished emotional fire. They are slow to act, but possess a sharp wit that catch a shorter lived species off-guard. Depression is common, though fatalism brushed off as jest.
  • Elder Othan: They watch their surroundings as though trapped in a cage of glass. Close enough to perceive society, yet far enough removed from it to feel isolated. Elders are renowned confidants, who are capable of entirely shifting their social psychology based on who they speak to. They do not act unless necessary, preferring to allow the 'living' to do the talking, but are particularly potent orators, speaking with the authority of countless generations of lived experience.

A bipedal, warm-blooded humanoid species. All Othan possess non-retractable fangs. However, their body shapes and size is variant due to their growth being affected by their chosen school of magic. They are commonly known for being tall, far taller than their relative species; more physically brutish. Soft facial and body shapes are highly rare.

Hair Color

Natural colorations, able to be changed with the expenditure of blood at a young age.

Eye Color

All natural-born Othan typically possess a dark ring of amber-violet on black sclera. Uncommonly, and altered through blood, they may have differing colors which typically coincide with natural spatial phenomena like nebulae and supernovas.

Skin Color

Typical humanoid skin tones. The saturation of pigmentation is based upon how much blood an Othan has pumped through their veins at the time of observation. A dark-skinned Othan may appear washed out if starved, whereas an overfed pale one may appear far more pinkish. Temporary unnatural pigmentation may be performed and maintained at the cost of some blood.


Fangs are universal to their kind, hollow and sturdy, a barbaric reminder of their predatory history. They may be placed anywhere within the mouth, and may come in more pairs though the common is just the canines. They cannot be effectively hidden, and their removal simply allows them to grow back over a period of a week.

  • Othanic standards deviate heavily according to exposure to blood magic at a young age as well as how long-lived the individual is.
  • Maximum (natural) height: 11ft (3.6 meters)
  • Average height: 7-8ft (2.1 - 2.4 meters)
  • Maximum (natural) weight: 750lbs (340kg)
  • Average weight: 250lbs - 340lbs (113kg - 154kg)
  • Childhood: 0 - 17 yrs
  • Adolescence: 18 - 24 yrs
  • Adulthood: 25+ yrs
  • Elderhood: 400+ yrs

  • Natural Lifespan: 200 yrs

An Othan who does not partake in blood will reach their adult peak at age 25, and will ungracefully age past 120. The average endpoint of a natural lifespan is long, grueling, and bedridden.

  • Supernatural Lifespan: 400+ yrs

Those that choose to drink blood will find that they will always return to their peak so long as they drink regularly. Despite effective immortality being present, a notable chunk of the population choose to consensually face death at the age of 400 via ritualistic assisted suicide to either repair parts of Yedazhiv's ecology, or the genetics of the present future generation.


Othan reproduce sexually, and become safely viable at 25 years of age. Pregnancies last just over a year, and rarely result in anything over a single birth. While an Elder Othan may reproduce at advanced age, the natural urge to do so is greatly diminished; though the urge for intimacy is drastically increased.

Newborns are pallid, silent, small creatures that almost mirror an average human's in size. This is an evolutionary necessity formed in the later stages of Othanic history, once the species turned against itself. Many parents attempt to hyper-socialize the baby in modern times, in an attempt to train the child to vocalize its needs like the common humanoid.

Hybridization, even with Elves is often fatal.

  • In female Othan: Usually a miscarriage during the second or third trimester due to immune rejection and fetal blood loss.
  • In womb-bearing species: First trimester complications due to blood loss, anemic responses onward.
  • Artificial gestation: Though possible, requires specialized incubators.


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Death is a choice, for many Othan. The vast majority of the population will choose death before reaching Elderhood, however. An Elder has an increased need for blood to maintain a youthful visage, as their bodies begin to process blood inefficiently for that purpose. Instead, their abilities become more potent and awe-inspiring. Depression becomes excessively common at this point, and is enough to physically kill an Elder if they do not soon find something that gives them purpose. They are typically accepted as community leaders, and are sought after for advice.

The Othan are vampiric in nature but retain the need to eat and drink. Death from starvation and dehydration is possible if blood is not expended to suppress these biological necessities. They are natural carnivores with incidental omnivore behavior if certain prerequisites are met:

  • Vegetation may be consumed if altered with blood magic.
  • Vegetation exceptionally high in iron and proteins may be consumed.

Early records described the Othani as a small yet bloody Empire, house to countless uprisings, civil wars, invasions, and upheavals that seemed to keep the vampiric people in a near-constant state of bloodshed, only further encouraged to this way of life by a strange blood-based system of magic that was unique to the species at its apparent core. However in recent history despite many problems arising from diplomatic misunderstandings, the Othani people are largely described as peace-loving and conflict-averse. What is apparent to historians is that the throes of the most recent and largest of conflicts in the area left the people on the brink of absolute extinction, and a new way of life was established in complete counter to their history.

There are no word-specific insults or slurs based on sex, gender, and sexual orientation in either the High or Low Othanic tongues.

Skirts are non-existent in Othanic fashion and are seen as a foreign curiosity. The feminine connotation of them is not typically understood.

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