Highly evolved semi-synthetic organisms, the Taianese are humanoid beings from a divergent fork of humanity, originally made for menial work and slavery before escaping. The overwhelming majority of Taianese are born synthetically from an enigmatic and secretive genetic plan to give their society the individuals it needs to fulfill its needs based on a Caste system.

Usually intelligent, quick-witted with photographic memories, on a physical level Taianese vary from the powerfully built Tiger form, to the lithe and dexterous Dragons. Even exotic Oddbodies exist as experiments or specialists within their society. Taianese are comforted by fulfilling their role in their society and marching under the gentle guidance of the Emperor.

Born to the world as slaves, the Taianese freed themselves and wrecked quite a few things on the way out for the rest of humanity. Spending generations on board an experimental colony ship, one that might not have had all the kinks fixed quite before they stole it, the Taianese have diverted drastically from humanity as we know it. After arriving in the sector they set up on one of the few planets they were able to reach before their ship karked it and made the best of it despite hostile natives and other humans giving them side eyes all the time.

Modern Tai Pan as we know it emerged during the first Elf war, and matured in the following insurrections, each reprisal slowly becoming more brutal than the last until elf civilization was a shadow of its former self and the Tai Pan empire emerged into the sector in force.

Humanoid with small but noticeable differences depending on caste, Taianese citizens come in a variety of body types depending caste, and bar the uncommon exceptions most are humanoid in shape. The three castes vary dramatically in their body features, such as the tell-tale horns of Dragons or the muscular build and tails of Tigers. On closer examination their synthetic origins become more apparent, including heavily edited genomes such as skin that’s too smooth and a lack of moles or freckles.

The amount of divergence from common humanity means that Taianese are not able to sexually reproduce with ordinary humans without artificial interventions. That is, if you could even convince one to do that.

Taianese enjoy any food a human can consume, however they primarily enjoy simple foods made easy to create resources, such as soy, vegetables, and microstocks such as bugs or crickets. What Taianese enjoy most of all are sauces and spices. Their liquor tends to focus on spirits, being more efficient to produce than beer, and traditional recipes that have survived all the way from their time on earth are still found in hidden corners of the empire.

Taianese are comfortable in all human compatible environs but are capable of modifying themselves to live more easily on marginal planets, or at least survive in some less hospitable climates.

Taianese mature quickly, reaching adulthood in about nine years, and living in prime fitness for roughly 130 years. When death comes, it is sudden and does not linger, the Taianese feeling a sense of impending doom, and aging rapidly over the course of a month before passing away.

Taianese culture overwhelmingly favours the greater good of society than the wellbeing of the individual, and only towards those they consider a part of their society. A manifest destiny cult has germinated in their society, believing the emperor is the leader of their great never ending ascent, comforting all with the knowledge that their work today will go on eternal even after they’re gone. They place great faith that their great works will be their legacy.

Taianese clothing is often simple but well made, tailored to their specific needs. The clothing available varies by caste, dragons usually being the most well dressed as their appearance reflects the prestige of the nation.

Taianese speak a planned language called Kantongo which has taken aspects from Asian and Indian language groups of old. It is a precise language whose use can be very easily muddled by non-fluent speakers. Fortunately most Taianese that deign to speak with others will be well-versed in Trade.

Taianese citizens are given a name from a list of 44,000, and then take a family name from their assign affection group and the planet they were born on.

Taianese politics are very authoritarian, believing that those in charge know best, and it’s best of all that their orders are followed. Failure to carry out orders to ones best ability, or worse, actively refusing them is a great dishonour.

Taianese technology is known for it’s excellent design and precise form, cheap technology being rather ugly, but higher forms being able to produce very sleek and fashionable designs that make Taianese products desirable across many nations.

The Taianese economy is labour based, mobilizing workers and managers into production units. Rather than strictly money, kammee are incentivized with a credit system that allows them to purchase improvements and medical treatments for themselves.

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