Dragon Form

The Dragons of Tai Pan are the leaders, visionaries, and functionaries of the Empire of Tai Pan, being part of the 1st class of every other caste, and the sole form in the Mandate castes Highest class. The dragons are mandated by law to certain aesthetic standards as each is a prized display of Taianese mastery of genetics and beauty.

The Emperor and Empress may only come from the Dragon Form. Being demoted to Third class is a mark of shame for any dragon and used as a punishment.

Dragons tend to may up the bureaucrats, ministers, and managers of the Taianese society. They are used to being in charge, in control and oversee the rest of society with benevolent authority. Senior dragons often have staffs of personal kammee for their own use. They are almost always charismatic, and have a strict sumptuary law on what they may wear.

Possible Dragon backgrounds: A common Dragon character might be:

  • 2nd Class Leader: Often metropolitan leaders, directly responsible for district civic centers (Arms manufacturing, mining, medicine) on a planet. They directly manage teams of kammee and other forms. They may also be in the Maker or Destroyer caste.
  • 1st Class Chairman: Leading a board of 2nd class leaders in a particular field and can be responsible for one planet or a whole sector. Managing resources, and reporting results.
  • 1st Class Governor: Being in the palace is a highly demanding career, but dragons are expected to carry the burden with grace. Meetings, arguments, and forcing the gears of government to turn while the Emperor is in recluse are all on the daily tasks.
  • Exile: Not even dragons are above being exiled to the outer realms, often finding themselves in the courts of client states. The skills of a dragon may be highly sought after in some circles, however, and such exiles permitted to live are rare.

Dragons are often beautiful, in form as well as clothing, lending well to their charming and charismatic air. They have small horns, or antlers, with a metallic sheen to them. Higher ranked dragons will have more precious metallic colours, and 1st class dragons often adorn their horns with gems. Many have tails, with slim manes on the top side, brush-like hair at the tip, and small, smooth scales down the entirety. Many may have scales on parts of their bodies strategically added to their look, or just underneath clothing.

Before the Taianese were a people the Dragon was chosen as a symbol taken by the leaders of the first Taianese to leave Sol, being seen across almost all human cultures in various forms, and as a symbol of strength, wisdom, and longevity. Slowly this totem became the physical form of Taianese leadership, going through several different phases before the modern metallic antlers of todays dragon caste.

The Dragon caste have led the Taianese from almost the beginning of their history, and expect the reverence such a position demands. Their rule is not one of intimidation and fear, and their air of confidence has kept many Taianese citizens calm through crisis after crisis. A dragons greatest weapons are their charisma, their calm, and their mind. Dragons have the strictest sumptuary law of all the Taianese Forms in all castes, being leaders in high regard of all three, and by far the greater majority in the Mandate leadership.

Dragons are rarely ever put into the 3rd class except as punishment, and have very strict expectations of conduct and scrutiny. Being that they are expected to act with the most independence and authority within Taianese society they are also subject to the most scrutiny. Almost every dragon is able to possess at least one servant kammee for their own uses, other a large staff as part of their role. Meaning that while technically the most free, dragons are often the most politically controlled as well.

OOC Notes

Art Credits: “The Immortal Emperor” by Juliana Wilhelm

Jimmy's Notes: Dragons are definitely high powered characters for the experienced player, but not unapproachable. They are almost always a charismatic force in the room, and be excellent in presentation and communication. However, like many who exist at the top, they may sometimes fail to see the disfunction at the bottom.

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