Rabbit Form

Rabbit Form by Nicoy

The Rabbit Form is the 1st class of the Taianese Maker Caste of the Tai Pan Empire, they tend to be excellent engineers and highly skilled workers at every level of Tai Pan society. They are often densely integrated into technology, with cybernetic horns or ears, which is how they get their colloquial name. The Rabbits keep the great forges of the empire hot, its war machines working, and its farms bountiful.

Rabbit forms are often in tune with technology, either using it, making it, or fixing it. Integrating it into their bodies. Some may feel a zen-like trance when working with machinery, while others work with their hands or organize work and labor of others. Some may be stranded on other planets, or even defect of their own will, creating their own method of escape. Many Rabbits are detail-orientated, and thorough in their work.

Possible Rabbit backgrounds:_

  • Technician: Keeping the machinery of the empire humming in chorus, the Rabbit technician is an ever present worker, always around, often insight, rarely the center of attention. They could maintain their humble existence, or be thrust to the forefront by circumstance. They could be a machinery operator, or a ship technician.
  • Engineer: The building and creation of the Empires new cities and works requires the great minds of beings dedicated to such projects. Engineers design and often oversee the works of the empire.
  • Scientist: Developer of technology and biology, the scientist unlocks the next generation of machines and citizens for the Empire.
  • Medical: Rabbits make the finest doctors of the Empire, healing and improving the bodies of their citizens.
  • Executive: The running of the empire is a complex affair and requires the organization and movement of millions of beings, long-range planning and directives by the 1st class of Rabbits keeps the Empires growth sustainable and its forges turning in tune. Rabbit executives are able to motivate others, set manageable goals, and keep their workers productive and happy.

Rabbits tend towards human proportions, sometimes taller if Destroyer, sometimes shorter if Maker. They tend towards lean with dexterous limbs and fingers to create their works.

They often have visible cybernetics, including antennas, body panels, and augmented limbs. Their bodies are often augmented with superior hearing, near eyesight and improved balance from their center ear. Some will install magnets into their finger tips to improve senses of electromagnetic fields, vibration, and electrical discharge; making electro-magnetism a sixth sense.

Rabbits are the second oldest Form in the Empire, hailing from the time the entire Taianese race were spaceborne aboard the UESS Voyager when the need to keep machinery functional was absolutely critical to the survival of their entire race. The Rabbits have often been Doers of Taianese society, finding solutions or organizing labor to solve the problems of their peoples.

During the wars of Liang they were the engineers and scientists who built a war machine from almost nothing, and created the Tiger caste as the solution to war. After the war, the Rabbits faced the problem of making an empire, they developed the Kammee as the solution to labor. Both machine and being are ample material for cultivating the society the Dragons dream of.

Rabbits continue to be a driving force of Taianese technological and genetic improvement, refining their creations and expanding upon them as the empire requires. Their engineering prowess fueling the rapid growth of an empire into the stars.

OOC Notes

  • Rabbit Form 2 by Nicoy, owned by Jimmy.

Jimmy’s Notes: I will get art for this at some stage. The new rabbits are known for their technology, their name coming from their antenna/horns that look like ears, although they can totally have actual rabbit ears too. This is a bit bare bones, I would like to add more at another pass but for the time-being I hope it provides enough of a jumping off point for potential characters.

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