Tiger Form

Art by Nicoy

The Tiger form is the 1st class of the Taianese Destroyer Caste of the Tai Pan Empire, and lead the empires military at all levels. Being immensely physically capable, driven by a great sense of duty, and with the minds to make them capable of any role within the military apparatus.

The Tiger Form is the newest full caste of Taianese society, being developed quickly during the Elvish wars as dedicated soldiers and strategic minds. With their purpose being made clear to them in the wars that followed, the Tigers have ever since had the spirit of youth trying to prove themselves to the other castes. Fortunately they only had to look to the starts after the wars on Tai Pan to find new enemies for their people to fight.

Tigers are humanoid in form, often being strong, and tall (often six to seven feet) framed with broad shoulders. Their more striking differences from humans are their eyes which have a ring of black sclera around their irises, their feline ears placed on the sides of their heads, and a long hairy tail. They also often have hair and skin colorations reminiscent of a variety of old earth feline species.

Internally, Tigers tend to have a much greater muscle to fat ratio than humans, giving them fantastic definition for aesthetics, but severely affecting their buoyancy in water making many of their wear around large bodies of water (a point humans make to further their resemblance to cats).

Despite their imposing figures and genetic improvement to physical traits tailored by their creators, many tigers take great pride in their great minds. Tigers are highly intelligent and able to perform any function within a military apparatus, and have the drive to excel at any role assigned to them.

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