Formerly Alarie System was controlled by Wangdaio Colonies and patrolled by the Wangdaio Shouwei Forces 8th Fleet. Alarie itself is a bright, FV-type star. As a high-luminosity main sequence star that also has a relatively long and stable lifespan, Alarie was a rather ideal star to build solar arrays around. Before the blackout, multiple corporations were considering the installation of a Dyson swarm around the star.

Besides the star itself, the majority of the system's mass is located in the Aezimon gas-giant system, including its Trojan leads and followers. The rest forms the greenhouse planet Lihana with its moon and asteroids. Although the star system doesn't have any naturally habitable bodies, the close proximity of resources gathered around gravity wells of the system made it apt for the establishment of man-made space habitats and moon bases.

Pre-War Pop. Post-War Pop.
Inner system (15 M)
Sisia: 2 M
Thothsis: 0.7 M
Habidon: 5 M
Deba: 1.6 M
Rosten: 2 M
Qaedan: 1.5 M
Thal-Ta: 0.5 M
Awal-Ta: 0.3 M
Smaller settlements, shipyards, and stations: 1.4 M
Inner system (9.0 M)
Thothsis: 0.4 M
*Athens: 0.5 M
Habidon: 2.5 M
Deba: 0.2 M
Rosten: 0.1 M
Qaedan: 1.0 M
Thal-Ta: 1.5 M
Awal-Ta: 0.8 M
*Sisia Nova: 0.2 M
Smaller settlements, shipyards, and stations: 2.7 M
Outer system (5 M)
Ramu: 0.4 M
Sayif: 0.7 M
Diera: 2.3 M
Ak-Hal-Ta: 0.2 M
Barbis-Ta: 0.15 M
Smaller settlements, shipyards, and stations: 1.25 M
Outer system (6.57 M)
Ramu: 0.35 M
Sayif: 0.7 M
Diera: 4.0 M
Ak-Hal-Ta: 0.02 M
Barbis-Ta: 0.2 M
Smaller settlements, shipyards, and stations: 1.3 M

Like other Wangdiao systems, Alarie was settled by a mix of Alliance, Taianese, and Elven civilians who wished independence from their respective nation-states. Despite the lack of a habitable planet, the colonists quickly built shipyards and man-made space habitats close to Trojan asteroid fields and around moons, where resources were relatively accessible. While most settled into the Lihana-Habu system, with plans to eventually terraform the planet and reverse its run-away greenhouse effect, particularly abused Taianese “unwanted” planted themselves on the cold moons of Aezimon. It was here where Alerie's Heise insurgent branch developed, hiding their warships-under-construction in the gas giant's rings.

When the blackout occurred in 3010, Alerie's Heise division, who called themselves the Spear of Aezimon, launched a complete offense against the Lihans, striking against their solar array fields, space habitats, and orbital shipyards. Surprise was total. The solar array fields of Gaia Industries and Wilhelm Energy Solutions, along with the Habu moon settlements of Deba and Rosten, were obliterated within the first week. Lihana's largest space-habitat, Qaedan, came under seige, with its accompanying Ao-Moon shipyards destroyed. By the end of the first month of the blackout, the Lihana-Habu system lost 10% of its population, 30% of its energy generation capacity, and much of its tactical infrastructure.

The Spear of Aezimon hid its true intentions from the average Aezimon moon-dweller as they continued to proliferate, justifying their war on Lihana and the Shouwei 8th Fleet as a preemptive strike against a political entity that intended on controlling the free spirited Aezimonians. In the meanwhile, the Shouwei 8th Fleet was making a desperate last stand around Medina Station, which linked Lihana's gas-mining operations to orbital colonies, and the fleet itself, supplying key fusion fuels as the solar array fields continued to be destroyed. The siege of Medina Station, Iron Heart shipyards, and Qaedan lasted for two years, resulting in the fall of the former two, and partial destruction of the latter. It was at this point that the Shouwei 8th Fleet was brought to its knees, with ammunition, fuel, and ships in critically low supply as its remnants retreated to Qaedan, using the colony as a shield.

However, the turning point of the war began several months prior. Baelo Cassini, now known as the Saint-Astronomer, discovered the Spear of Aezimon's use of unethical, biological weaponry through stray signals that made it past Heise's censorship. Despite the risk of assassination, Baelo revealed said information to the Aezimon public, causing mass outrage, riots on Aezimon's moons, and eventually, the capture of multiple Heisen ships, which were used to aid the suffering 8th fleet. Thus, with their aid, in the Battle of Qaeda in early-3013, the 8th Fleet routed the Spear of Aezimon's main battle group, which itself was suffering major losses.

The 8th Fleet and the counter-insurgency went on to siege the Spear's headquarters on Ramho, the most geologically active of Aezimon's moons, in late 3014, nearly 4 years after the blackout began. With local Heise operations now in dire jeopardy, its leaders came to the table to conduct peace talks with the Shouwei forces. However, the Shouwei itself was in such a dilapidated state that it allowed Heise to continue operations in the Aezimon system, as the remnants of the fleet limped back to Lihana.

As a whole, the Alarie system failed to evade the apocalypse that was brought upon the entirety of the Wangdiao colonies. While Aezimon colonies remained relatively intact, much of the Alarie's population lived, and died, in the Lihana system. Of the 20 million total settlers of the Alerie system, 8 million were displaced from their homes, and another 5 million dead or missing, primarily due to the catastrophic first strike. Another 0.5 million, those who were for fortunate in their affluence, left the system entirely, following a few Shouwei scouts who sought aid from the greater powers. Aid never came before the war's end.

While counter-insurgents of Aezimon were crucial in the rescue of the Lihana, the colonists of the two planetary systems never grew close, even after the war. The Lihans sought to rebuild what remained of their homes, using technology decades and centuries old, with modern equipment resource-prohibitive. The Aezimon system has fallen into a state of constant skirmishing, as the counter-insurgents fought against the Spear of Aezimon, which continued to dominate the gas-giant system's politics. Religious cults have sprung up, due to the major powers' continued silence, claiming that the Blackout was divine punishment for an ancient sin.

Alarie is a rather lonely star. Based on its position, it has been speculated that during the star's formation, much of its residual mass was swept away by its sister stars, leading the star system to have only two planets, with smaller bodies locked to them.

Government (Post Blackout)


With FTL communications in disarray, the Shouwei forces protecting the inner system chose to elect Admiral Teresa St. John as their leader, who quickly used what remained of the military to desolve the inner system's council, putting in place an emergency, temporary dictatorship for 10 years to organize the reconstruction and repopulation of the colonies of the inner system. As of the current date, this military-state is still in place. Due to the limited resources, there is a strict rationing of resources, with a one-child policy currently in place. Additionally, there is a small faction within this dictatorial government, calling themselves the Knights of Ash, who are calling for vengeance against the outer system for the damage inflicted.


With the Heise's burtal massacre of Lihana's Sisia and other colonies, Counter insurgents rose to strike down the organization, after the Shouwei failed to do so in the peace treaty. While some organizations, such as the Sons of the Vanguard, formed with noble intentions of bringing down war criminals, others, such as the Sword of the Outer System and the Liberators, exploited the chaotic aftermath to expand their own power in the Aezimon system. In general, the Aezimon system has fallen into a state of systematic anarchy, with gang warfare occuring on all moon and asteroid bases.

Below is a list of current known factions in the Aezimon system:

  • Spear of Aezimon (SoA): Heise Alarie division remnant
  • Sons of the Vanguard (SotV): Initial reactionary counter-insurgent group
  • Sword of the Outer System (SotOS)
  • The Liberators
  • United Alarie Initiative (UAI)
  • Shield of Aezimon


The 31st century technologies survived the Blackout in the inner system, techniques and information stowed away in bunkers buried under Habu's surface. However, what was lost was the already-fragile infrastructure required to collect the resources necessary to create the likes of artificial gravity, FTL drives, and advanced fusion engines. Fusion itself is becoming difficult to perform; Lihana was a fusion-fuel-poor planet to begin with. With Sisia's fall and Thothsis' refineries replaced with defense platforms, the inner-system has been reduced to producing crude systems centuries old. What remains of up-to-date technology has been reorganized among the surviving vessels. For example, the WCS Clarie's artificial gravity was spread out, itself only having it in its medical bay and CIC. The inner system now resorts to primitive methods of energy and propulsion generation, primarily solar, nuclear fission, chemical, and ion.


While the inner system suffered a large setback in technological progression, the outer system's infrastructure has remained largely intact. They are still technically capable of producing FTL-capable ships with up-to-date weponry and defenses. However, the current disunity has proved to be oppressive on any meaningful effort to forward the outer system's footprint in the solar system as a whole, resulting in an overall stagnation.

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