Kuangirru System

Kuangirru is the star in which orbits the planet Ersetu, capital world of the Constitutional Dominion of Ersetu and homeworld of the Kishargal people. A red dwarf star, Kuangirru is orbited by three planets an asteroid belt and multiple artificial satellites and stations constructed by the native peoples of Ersetu.

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Kuangirru is a cool and dim red dwarf star. It is orbited by 3 planets and an asteroid belt, all of which cling fairly close to the star's limited gravity well.

Name: Kuangirru
Type: Red Dwarf
Radius: 482,000 km
Mass: 9.945 x 1029 kg
Temperature: 3800 K
Luminosity: 3.452 x 1025 W
  • Numbr of Planets: 3
  • Number of Natural Satellites: 6

Planet Ersetu is the home world of the Kishargal and the capital world of the Constitutional Dominion Of Ersetu. Ersetu is tidally locked with it's star and, due to the cool temperature of Kuangirru, orbit's very close at a quarter of the distance most habitable worlds would sit in orbit of their stars.

Type: Terrestrial, jungle world
Orbital Radius: 0.28 AU
Period: 371 Standard Days
Gravity: 2.3 G
Life: Carbon based, abundant
Population: 4.2 Billion
Facilities: Artificial planetary ring, 2 Military space stations, multiple civilian space stations Jumpgate.
Special: Tidally locked, 1 moon (Hursamgu), Capital world

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Type: Asteroid Belt
Orbital Radius: 0.85 AU
Population: 11 Thousand
Facilities: Asteriod Colonies, Asteroid mining operations

Type: Gas Giant
Orbital Radius: 2.60 AU
Period: 2475 Standard Days
Gravity: 2.1 g's
Population: 450 Thousand
Facilities: Orbital colony stations, planetary gas mining platforms
Special: 5 moons

Type: Ice Planet
Orbital Radius: 6.25 AU
Period: 10,215 Standard Days
Gravity: 0.59 g's
Population: 26 Thousand
Facilities: Orbital colony stations, planetary gas mining platforms

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