Wiki Templates

This page contains a lot of the ground work you'll need to help you make fantastic content for yourself and fellow players on the site, these templates will give you a running start on any project, help with layouts, and give clues on what information to include (or exclude!) on an article. Of course, templates cannot foresee every circumstance, and are a guide rather than a rule. So use them appropriately, not slavishly.

Remember, these templates are here to help you bring out the best your idea can be, and make it easier for others to learn, interact, and play with themselves.

Templates for Beginners! Filled with descriptions to help you succeed.

Templates for the Experienced! Completely blank, only headings, tables, and wraps provided. Perfect to just sit down and write.

These templates aren't quite ready for use, but if you see something missing make sure it isn't here, or pass us your idea on discord or the forums.

  • Locations Template
  • Bestiary Template
  • Non-Player Character Template
  • Weapons Template
  • Plot Page Template
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