Player Character Beginner Template

This is a code page so you can copy and paste into your own character page. If you need help making a character page you can look at the Character Creation Guide or ask one of our staff. To quickly make your character page you can copy and paste the coded link below into your browser, beware that the new page won't be linked to any other page if you make it without also linking it in the Player Characters page. If you're extra sneaky, you can even copy a link from the characters page and use that to make your own before starting this page.

====== <your character> ======
<your character> is a <species> from <homeworld>. He/She is a character controlled by <your user>.

<This is a minimal boilerplate header, but you can add more to this to give a good overall idea of your character and their themes and appearances.>

<WRAP Right>
^  <your character name>  ^^
|  {{:character:blank.png?&400| If you have a species or character picture for the species, putting it here a great way to let readers see it upfront. You can resize the image to about 400pixels wide.}}  ||
|  Character, artwork by Artist  ||
^  Species:  |  <Link to the species page [[:species|here]]  |
^  Gender:  |  <If applicable>  |
^  Born:  |  <Year of Birth>  |
^  Age:  |  <How old they are>  |
^  Affiliation/Organization:  |  <If the character is an a larger organization such as the military, that goes here.>  |
^  Occupation:  |  <insert occupation>   |
^  Rank:  |  <If your character is part of an organization, put their rank here.>  |
^  Current Placement:  | <The thread or plot you're making the character for.>  |

===== Physical Characteristics =====
  * **Height:** ' ” (cm)
  * **Weight:** lbs (kg)
  * **Appearance:** <A rough or detailed physical description. Give as much detail as you feel necessary, even add sub-headers if you need to>

===== Psychological Characteristics =====
  * **Personality:** <What your character is thinking internally, this might not be what they express to others.>

  * **Disposition:** <How your character expresses themselves to other characters.>

===== Family & Relationships =====
<A description of family life and dynamics. Rather than an exhaustive description and list, it's better to focus on the important ones. Especially if those family members are planned to show up in RP. If able, link their character sheets, too.

  * <Family Member 1>, Relation <E.g. Mother, Father, Sibling, etc.>

=== Important Relationships ===
<If your character builds a lot of relations with other player characters or NPC's who aren't a familial or other close relation, you might want to give them their own sub-header here.>

  * <Important Person 1>, Relations <E.g. Arch-nemesis.>

===== History =====

==== Pre-RP ====
<Describe your characters pre-RP history first if it's your first character. Life-changing events, tragedies and formative memories should all go. You don't need to put this under the Pre-RP header this can break up your history later.>

==== Roleplay ====
<A log of events that the player character comes by from roleplay directly, their story from your perspective. A nice narrative for other players to read.>

==== Appearances ====
<If you want to keep track of threads and plots the character appears in, you can add a list here. Maybe with a summary.>

  * <Link to thread>: <Brief description>

===== Inventory =====
<character name> has the following personal effects. These are items of value or personal importance to them, rather than general consumption.

  * <An unordered list or table of important items.>
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