The Timeline

While every star nation has it's own calendar to measure the passage of years, long ago, the galactic community, in a time of peace and cooperation long past, developed and implemented what is now known as the Galactic Standard Calendar, or GSC, a standardized measurement of hours, days, months and years that is recognized and utilized by all major factions as a common time keeping tool in their interaction with each other. This calendar does not replace individual star nations own calendars within their own borders.

The GSC is derived from the old Earth calendar, measuring time as the following; a year is made up of 365 twenty-four hour long days.

The Current year in the setting is: 3020 gsc

Aliens (The Ancients) Dinonapped a large population of Dinosaurs from Earth.

The Kǒnglóng's World ships reached their furthest point from the edge of the galaxy, “into the black.” The ships turned back towards the dim light of the Milky Way, returning to a fate yet unknown.

Establishment of the Gartagen Union

The Kishargal launch their first manned spacecraft.

Establishment of the Constitutional Dominion of Ersetu

2018 gsc

Abducted Human colonists, called “The Third Children” are placed on Jord by an unknown alien species.

2378 gsc

Departure of the deep space colony vessel UESS Pioneer from Earth, which subsequently vanishes into a fold space-time vortex after it's sabotaged fold drive miss jumps.

The newly refitted UESS Voyager is highjacked by Earth's fleeing Augment populace (who would eventually found the Tai Pan Empire) and jump away to parts unknown.

Emergence of the colony vessel Pioneer from fold space and arrival of the first Humans in this sector of the galaxy. Due to it's fold drive sabotage, the vessel is forced to undergo it's journey to the nearest star system at sub-light with the crew and colonists in hypersleep

Kǒnglóng's worldships arrive in the system they proceeded to name Sol β.

All the planets within the Sol β system have been colonized with a variety of colonies. Konglong eyes turn towards the stars.

UESS Pioneer colonizes a barren desert world they name Eden, establishing the United Earth colony of Eden on February 5, 2891

United Earth Colony of Eden and it's growing sphere of influence reestablished as the Interstellar Alliance.

The Taianese arrive in the sector and begin to colonize, renaming their base of operations to Liang System, and formally establish the Empire of Tai Pan.

The War of Liang begins as native Elves rally to wipe the Taianese off the planet.

The War of Liang concluded with the destruction of the planet's Node and the surrounding Elvish forces by orbital bombardment.

Liang (Tai Pan) system's organic population is decimated by the emergence of an alien disease.

The 4 Wars of Secession begin in Taianese Space. Each time, the combined Elf-Human army forces meet crushing defeat. Some of the humans start to believe that perhaps the elves were the ones that created the bioplague.

The 2nd War of Secession begins.

The 2nd War of Secession ends. The Interstellar Alliance pulls its support of the Rebellion and evacuates its citizens under a ceasefire agreement with Empire of Tai Pan. Any remaining Alliance citizens give up their citizenship and become citizens of Tai Pan. Others continue to fight.

The Emperor of Tai Pan, along with a massive fleet of warships and legions of soldiers on a The Grand Crusade in an attempt to expand to the galactic east; it never returns and his successor - now The Immortal Emperor - takes the eternal throne.

The 3rd War of Secession begins with former Alliance citizens allying with the Elven government against the Tai Pan.

The 3rd War of Secession ends. The Elven government agrees to withdraw into gated cities and become isolationists, signing an agreement of surrender to Tai Pan and vow to never take up arms again.

A insurgent group of Elves and humans make a final effort to Secede from Tai Pan and fail. The 4th and final war of Secession ends with the televised public execution of the insurgent leaders. Though initially planned to be one of their number, Bhelith Blackspear is spared this for reasons unknown.

The Wangdaio Colonies are settled by Taianese settlers that soon take advantage of their distance from the heart of Tai Pan to declare their independence. Meanwhile, the Paradise War occurs, briefly embroiling Tai Pan, the Alliance, and the Gartagen Union in a brief 6 month long war before an armistice and mining deal is struck.

The Principality of Prydain creates the Sutākame for a terror attack on the Taianese populace to demonstrate their power, humiliating Tai Pan.

The Wangdiao Colonies go dark and are consumed in civil conflict; sensing weakness, the now freed Sutākame ravish the planets for resources while Xeno slavers prey on escaping refugees.

The Wangdiao Colonies' survivors are recovered and evacuated to other systems, and integrated into the Interstellar Alliance and back into Tai Pan.

  • Tai Pan displaces its less desirable population of immigrants and organics to Kowloon Special Political District and grants them the ability to self-govern.
  • A brushfire conflict erupts in Lorani Province led by a Uldani entity calling itself the Black King. A homeless Gartman lies about being a knight and is hired by the local Duke in distress.
  • The crown sends a Herald to investigate the new Azalea Free Company and eventually assists them in being an actual Free Company. The false knight for his bravery and actions, is knighted and lorded as the Duke of Lorani Province after the death of the old duke.
  • Azalea Free Company secures Lorani Province and achieves victory with the defeat of the Black King.
  • Local crime boss, Sorano is made Duke of his province.
  • The Paradise Armistice expires, and an international relations conference is held at the IAS Edward Deming to try and resolve it along with several international issues.
  • A mercenary group goes to an ice moon on E-11 and discover an abandoned Heise research vessel containing the missing Prime Minister Ayana Morita and her son, Edmund.
  • Empress Bhelith leads the Azalea Free Company to Gor Gozen to deal with the rising threat of an Atraxian invasion.
  • Empress Bhelith and much of the Azalea Free Company leadership disappears save Knight Commander General Gallve who maintains order and stability of Lorani Province with Local Ranger, Gol in the absence Lord Du Rochon.
  • Shield forces assisted by the forces of Heled manage to drive back the Atraxian invasion.
  • The International Relations Conference goes bad resulting in a declaration of war being made on the new nation of Kiwomi by the Empire of Tai Pan. The IAS Edward Deming is sent to assist in humanitarian assistance.
  • The IAS Edward Deming crew commit atrocities against the Kiwomians. The footage is leaked to the Interstellar Alliance who send forces out to investigate.
  • Planet Hawking declares independence from the Interstellar Alliance.
  • The Interstellar Alliance's Senate vote in favor of Hawking's removal and send military forces to retrieve Alliance proprietary equipment and evacuate any citizens.
  • Hawking responds with force resulting in armed response from the Alliance and Tai Pan.
  • As a result of civil conflict on the planet, Hawking explodes in a nuclear explosion and conflict ends.
  • In the absence of Empress Bhelith and uncertainty of the nation, Kotaku system declares independence from the Solarity of Kowloon.
  • The League of Autonomous Worlds is formed.
  • The Shield of Kowloon responds to investigate Kotaku's succession.
  • The Empire of Tai Pan responds to the Black Forge's attacks on its vessels with force.
  • The acting Kowloonian Chancellor goes in search of the Empress, after appointing Violet Ran as acting Chancellor.
  • The Black Forge and the League of Autonomous Worlds disband and step away from the conflict.
  • All Prydainians and the Sutakame withdraw from the sector.
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