Fox (or Mike) was born in 1989, is a Gemini, and practices Zen Buddhism.

He has held down a variety of jobs including; working in a greenhouse, working on diesel engines (he has a Cummins tech school!), service in the United States Navy, assistant management at a restaurant, and he currently wanders 48 states as a truck driver. Like Homer Simpson, he is a proud dropout of Southern Illinois University, having studied Engineering, then Philosophy with a focus in eastern studies.

He has been to every state in the Union but Alaska, along with most of the far-eastern countries, and currently works as a truck driver in Honolulu, on Oahu, where he is pursuing a Bachelors in Business Administration with the American Public University.

In essence, he's a real life adventurer!


You are a bit more tough than fair. You like to uphold the rules most of the time but will concede on a few points when you feel it is necessary. Your players have confidence that you will run a straight game.1)

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