:!:Much of this material has been described as an illustrated, detailed course in perversion. :!:

Jimmy is a man living in Australia who appears to be incapable of taking a selfie without a mask on, even before it was mandated. He's been an on-off roleplayer for over a decade, which at least makes him a mediocre writer. He also runs two DnD tables equally badly in a disjointedly connected single world where both parties occasionally inadvertently mess with the other party without ever quite meeting them, his players keep asking why random things happen during their game. He woke up between his second and third coffee and found out he was suddenly on Shattered Universe staff one day.

He cannot get enough shortbread biscuits, loves playing really really nerdy computer games, and keeps telling people you're meant to be able to see the bread through the vegemite. He tends to leave loose notes around the wiki and is definitely a piler not a filer, he did not come up with the idea of Jimmy's Guide to the Galaxy. He finds great amusement in seeing how far he can export Little Things Made of Straw across the setting in-character. Some say he is a veteran of the 3rd Emu War, and fights trees in his spare time.

  • Mudwater Paranormal - Magic hasn't been seen in the sleepy town of Mudwater for decades, and when it comes back the cities only defense is a couple of underutilized detectives in what was supposed to be a dead-end department.
  • Chef For Sheffeld - Sheffeld is open for business! But there's a problem, their food is so horrible they cannot entice business and trade. So there's one solution. Creative outsourcing.
  • Asteria: The Reign of Velmaia - The Queen is dead, but the duty of her bodydouble does not end. Political machinations, and willful deception create the second reign of the Queen.
    • Asteria: Look to the Last Star - Struck with the magical backlash of Bheliths demise, Velmaia reels, and assuages a grieving starship on the fate of its master.
    • Asteria: Lullaby - Velmaia solves her problems in the teenage manner of going to bed and waiting to see what tomorrow brings.
    • Asteria: Return - Through political conspiracy, and willful ignorance on behalf of the political leadership, Bhelith emerges as still alive.

Non-Player Characters

Inactive Characters

  • Yazata Ahura Not my original creation, but heavily rewritten with assistance from many other members.
  • Yazata Mazda Credit to Kim, simply filled out by me.


  • Focus on getting the New Member Experience to be a smooth as possible, while updating content and adding it as needed.
  • Othani Elves
  • Be excellent to others.
  • Update Vels page?
  • Review Star system template and page creation, particular view to the philosophy of focus only on what's interesting.

New Member Experience

This project is moving slowly through various pages trying to improve content in bits and pieces to bring them all up to standard and make the setting much easier to digest, set the town, and lay out expectations.

  • Long term project to make new players coming into the setting as easy as possible. Review and edit every page on the side bar (if needed). Involving input from other admins to make sure the final pages are the best everyone could want.
  • Review and redraft New Members Guide to be less of a primer to roleplay, and more of an entrance into the setting itself, with the primer as a component. Review the redraft and see if it can be improved. Thanks Kim!
  • Review and redraft Rules in order to better communicate the site philosophy. Including the sub pages.
  • Review and update character creation page. Character generator articles for more races.
  • Templates! Templates are meant to make things easier, right? ← In progress!
  • Review General Technology Guide page to see what might need improving or updating.
  • Review and update Magic as necessary.
  • Review and complete Psionics
  • Reformat Nations and Organizations for easier editing, and better context. ← Feature Complete!
  • Second pass on Story Arcs page.

Tai Pan

Tai Pan is nearing satisfaction for initial release. Species articles and art are being completed and now I'm currently experimenting with locations and interesting places, as well as planets. A lot of Taianese development is hopefully going to help set an improved blueprint to let players develop content so much easier.

  • Pass on Kammee article. ← Starting Soon™ with art!
  • Rewrite Jongwu article. ← Starting Soon™
  • Start adding locations, including the moon colony and cities. ← In Progress
  • Potential review and update of Tai Pan (Liang) System.
  • Expand on Tai Pan planets e.g.Pitrsnu
  • Adjust Common Taianese content to be more useful for players.
  • New art of Rabbit and Kammee is coming soon. Will put it into pages during my next pass.
  • Add support for Oddbodies, Miscastes (WT), and the politics around them, and other biosculpting adventures.
  • Add more detail of the different internal factions within Tai Pan. Empress's factions, hawks, doves, guilds, etc.
  • Add a page detailing the Taianese philosophy of the Ideal Self.

Solarity of Kowloon

Placed on the backburner while sorting out New Member Experience

Reorganize the pages to better deliver the Solarity to the reader, add more depth, sort out the duchy's and work out future direction. Detail internal workings, diplomatic ties, and common life. Started this project because of my own disappointment with the Solarity page.

  • Low priority to finish New Member Experience.
  • Mainpage redraft mostly done, but a lot of supporting pages need work.
  • As part of the Asteria storyline, expand and detail the Duchy of Rangoon and House Vedera


  • Currently in Maintenance mode.
  • Write Yazata Mazda article. ← DONE
  • Improve Names section for Yazata pages in general.
  • Detail Yazata romance some more and other cultural elements.
  • Detail how Mazda and Ahura interact as a culture.

Liang Elves

  • Consult with admins and players as to the future direction of any elf adjustment or expansion.
  • Focus on locations, subcultures, and maximize the elfness of the elves.



May need to do a pass to detail the Ayrish Isles more as well as individual duchys and political elements.

  • May change the Character section from dot points to a table with brief descriptions.
  • Expand and migrate the Sheffeldan Military subsection to its own page.
  • Add more hemodyne options and finish the hemodyne main page.
  • Detail monsters for hemodynes to fight.

Bu Qi Nomad Fleet


  • Begin writing notes for a partial rewrite, focusing less on mystery and more on known hazard and culture.
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