Kim is one of the Site Administrators and setting writers. She has been writing and admining freeform roleplay communities since 1999. She is a published and professional freelance writer. Her professional TTRPG resume includes work on -NDA- with -NDA- and a Mage book, -NDA- for Onyx Path Publishing. Her published short stories are included in “Nightside: Tales of Outre Noir” edited by Mark Slade and “Coming through in Waves” edited by T. Fox Dunham. Her roots are in traditional folklore and mythology but her favorite series include: Shannara, Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever, Magic kingdom for sale:Sold!; Harry Potter; the Books of Blood; Dune; the Dresden Files; Gaunt's Ghosts; A Song of Ice and Fire; Kelley Armstrong's Otherworld series; and the Hitchhiker's Trilogy.

She holds a bachelors of science in Criminal Justice:Forensic Science, a Masters of Science in Geographic Information Systems: Geospatial Intelligence Analytics and is completing a 2nd Masters degree in Strategic Intelligence. Her offsite projects include her webcomic, Salient Caligation available in print through “Screaming Eye Press” and contributing to Moonhawk Studios and PP Productions on Starship Moonhawk, and the Lavenders as a colorist, writer, voice actress, character designer and podcast cast member.

She is also a member of the Horror Writers Association, and Sisters In Crime.

Her current roleplaying campaigns offsite include: Ars Magicka, Vampire the Masquerade: Dark Ages 20th Anniversary Edition, and various playtest games.

Per the results of the What kind of Dungeon Master are you?: You are moderate in almost all of your decisions. You believe in the rules but you also feel like they can be bent and occasionally broken. Your players respect your ability to compromise and keep the game going.

I like to allow my players freedom to make decisions that they feel matter in the campaign because they are the main characters. A campaign is about the players and if the players aren't having fun, I'm not doing my job as a DM/GM. I see rules as guidelines rather than something written in stone. Sometimes, the players can get sidetracked and de-railed and I will redirect them back the way they need to go or I will roll with it. I set up my plots as outlines to see how things could go rather than how they should go.

  • Wardens: Guard the wall that separates the Northlands from the Midlands. Mostly meant as a hard border to keep the savages from roving south.
  • Holy Father Saint Fleur - Patron Saint of the Church of the Holy Sword
  • Hvrentra: “Northlands”: Mountainous, arctic conditions, arctic plains and coniferous forests
  • Drassin: temperate conditions, plains, forests, marshes, a couple of deserts; “Midlands”
  • Midlanders tend to worship a single God, Tiwaz and regard the Northlanders as superstitious; they recognize the old ways but do not see them as anything other than uncivilized. They are the more modern progressive peoples of the continent that worship when convenient.
  • Solrassou: Hot, tropical conditions, lots of deciduous forests ; “Southlands”
  • Southlanders are more fervent worshipers of one God, Tiwaz; view the Midlanders as weak and Northlanders as heathens that need to be saved. They see the Order of the Resplendent Mother and all magic users as things to be destroyed. But the Church of the Heavenly Sword secretly utilizes a handful of mages as assassins to control politics and hunt down other magic users.

Radiance Project Characters

Other Setting bits

Project Title: Shattered Universe RPG - Visual Novel (Working title: Rose or Serpent)

Project Description: Rose or Serpent is science-fantasy themed. The story follows Jean Odin as they go from being the survivor of the Wangdaio Colony Blackout to becoming a Giang Province Kowlooni Free Company Soldier dedicated to protecting a young province of miners from a corporate backed insurgency. Jean will get a chance to fight and find love on the battle field towards their goal of building a new family and home for the one they've lost.

I hope to address the themes of dealing with grief, living with PTSD and developing meaningful relationships with the people around you after surviving a horrible ideal. Some of the relationships will be romantic but not all. All the romance options will be open regardless of gender.

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